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Social Media Spring Clean – Linda Habak Design

Linda from interior design company Linda Habak Design approached us recently, for a Social Media Spring Clean.

Though she was working on some exciting projects and opportunities, Linda was struggling to find a flow and needed to bring in more leads. She had a great reputation, so was receiving leads via referral but required more traction and opportunities so she could further establish her brand and build towards her goal of becoming a micro-influencer. 

Without a social media plan, she was missing out on huge chunks of the market, as she was sharing a lot of other peoples’ content and not much of her own. Her current platforms held a plethora of potential leads, but they weren’t being nurtured.

She needed to get her elevator pitch down pat. If you can create an ‘elevator pitch’ and be confident in that, then basically your social media message is this ‘elevator pitch’ spoken and displayed in hundreds of different ways. For Linda, the joy of our homes being places of wellbeing, refuge, comfort and joy is a fantastic message and can be the platform for some really beautiful content.

We suggested she add Facebook and some LinkedIn Sales Navigator marketing as well as make some changes to her Pinterest, Instagram and Website…

Social Media

Instagram (1561 followers)

Linda’s feed is beautiful, but it doesn’t help build her brand. We advised her on this:

Needs to be more about you. The content is fantastic – so keep those posts coming, but there needs to be more images of your jobs and also advice/tips. As an influencer, you want people to come to you with their questions. That way, when the time comes, you’ll have the products/brands to back it up with. Some paid advertising here would really help to solidify your position on Instagram.

Facebook (not currently running)

It’s vital that Linda gets her Facebook page up and running. Here’s our advice to her:

Once you’ve created a business page, there will be a lot of ways you can use this to help build your influence and followers. You can also use this to build your relationships with others, by sharing their content and commenting on their posts etc. Here you can do some paid advertising which is all about increasing your followers and positioning you as the go-to in interior design. Articles will be really important here as they can be shared directly from your website and will increase your influence as well as your search listings. 

Pinterest (2100 weekly views)

 Rather than displaying other peoples’ content, Linda can be using Pinterest to drive leads to her website… We advised her:

In the same way with Instagram and Facebook, this is a great way to share some of your knowledge, as well as your own photos, content etc. Articles would play a big part in this here as well, increasing your influence and search listings.

LinkedIn (basic page, profile)

By not interacting on LinkedIn, Linda was missing out on connecting with others in the industry and was losing valuable referral and collaboration opportunities. Our advice to Linda:

This is where you have an opportunity to become the go-to interior designer with others in applicable industries eg. high-end construction, builders, architects, furniture companies, home décor companies etc. This is a huge opportunity for you. You can use the articles here and publish them as LinkedIn articles but you can also interact directly with people in the above-mentioned industries.


While beautiful, Linda’s website doesn’t drive leads or do much to help build Linda’s brand and industry reputation.


Once people saw Linda’s content, she needed to be following them up. One way to do this was by the addition of pixels to her website:

The addition of pixels to your website would help with retargeting, which means that people who visit your website would then see your content elsewhere on the internet, specifically targeted for them. This is Rich’s speciality and he’s really clever with making this work, as well as optimising your website to make sure everything’s working as well as it can, to help leads and followers flow through.


This is the perfect opportunity to build Linda’s reputation and establish her as an influencer in the industry.

The addition of a blog page to your website would be fantastic. As an influencer, you’re a source of knowledge. So if you can be writing articles and publishing them to your blog, then sharing them on your socials, that will be invaluable. To increase followers, establish you as a micro-influencer with loads of knowledge to share and also to help with getting you higher in search results. As discussed, we have a content team who are guns at writing articles in specific arenas of the market and they work really hard to get each voice just right. This might be a great option for you, further on down the track, when you’re ready to move beyond Instagram.

We are looking forward to seeing some fantastic results on this campaign, as Linda puts these tips into action.

If you’re interested in having a FREE analysis of your Social Media, contact Joni on

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