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Digital Marketing Services

Using best practice strategies on the world’s most popular technological platforms to deliver digital marketing services that drive your ideal customers through the ‘front door’



Did you know that most people don’t go past page one when doing a Google search? So if you’re not on the first page, you’re losing business to competitors every single day.

Our SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) digital marketing services enhance your website’s visibility to attract the most ideal customers to your business.

TheOnlineCo. partner with you to create a full 12 month roll out plan tailored to your needs, website and business to help increase your Google search rankings and increase traffic to your website so you can get more qualified leads.

SEO - Digital Marketing Services


Google Ads puts your business in front of potential customers as they’re actively searching online. Using our proven Google Ads keyword strategy and expertise, we’ll help increase your business exposure to customers who are seeking exactly what your company offers, so you won’t be paying hundreds or thousands of dollars to advertise to people with little to no interest in what you’re offering.

TheOnlineCo. removes the complexity and confusion involved with creating successful Google Ad campaigns to bring you the best results.

Social Media

Your future customers are on social media each day, but are you reaching them where they’re at? It’s an often untapped space for businesses as they’re unsure what to communicate or simply too busy working in their business to leverage all the social media platforms.

TheOnlineCo. makes it simpler for you to reach and begin interactions with leads and customers. Our specialty is partnering with you to showcase your business on social media with creative content–and ultimately, create engagement, build loyalty and sales.

Social Media - Digital Marketing Services

TheOnlineCo Digital Marketing Services - Facebook Marketing Partner

Digital Marketing Playbook

What is a Digital Marketing Playbook – why is it important?

We’ve all heard how important planning is, no matter what the scenario, and when it comes to marketing your products or services planning is key. The problem is that most people don’t really know where to start! You might know that you need leads, or perhaps more sales, but how do you get from there to actually SEEING those leads and sales come through the door?

Just throwing some money at Facebook or Google ads can be superfluous if you don’t know how to implement it correctly, or even how everything works together. And what about your competition – do you know what they’re doing in that space? Plus, have you got your messaging, branding and voice correct to reach your target customer – assuming you know exactly who they are and what problem you solve for them.

The greatest teams in the world have always had a playbook. They know where they’ve come from and where they’re heading. They understand their strengths and the opportunities to tap into for more greater success. The best way to rise above the competition is with a clear set of winning moves—that’s exactly what TheOnlineCo.’s Digital Marketing Playbook was developed to do! Your personalised Playbook gives you a crystal clear picture of your ideal client, what makes them tick, and how your business can speak to them above all the noise in the marketplace by implementing the right strategy that utilises our digital marketing services effectively. You’ll see a detailed game plan of how you can smartly and successfully leverage more business and growth opportunities. We’re here to see you succeed!

How Does Online Marketing Work?

Marketing at its core is all about reaching a customer exactly where they are at, with the exact product they need at exactly the right time. With most of the world spending a large amount of their discretionary time online – THAT is where we need to find our customers!
Simply put, online marketing is marketing on the web.

The same way that businesses have used billboards, newspapers, leaflets, or National TV ad campaigns in the past is how we use online based tools today. As mentioned earlier, there are huge benefits of an online campaign. Data and Metrics can be easily collated to measure brand awareness. Goals can be set digitally and monitored in order to tweak the campaign and move it in the direction needed with little time wasted. In the past, much time was needed to create focus groups and run polls which may or may not show true figures in the end results.

We’re often asked, ‘how do online marketing strategies work?’ Our response is simple: the main objective in any marketing campaign is to reach our potential customers where they spend their time, including online. Whether they are reading, shopping, socialising or simply searching for something, if our business is there, they’ll find us.

What is Digital Marketing and How Does it Work

More than just the basics

Supplementary Services

Whether people are seeing your brand on social media, on shelves in their local supermarket, on the website or anywhere else for that matter, it’s important that all the material is consistent. This includes logos, labels, graphics for social posts, your website, your email signature and everything in between.

We want to ensure you not only have a consistent message but also that any image is instantly recognisable. We also want to make sure that everything developed for your business is of the highest quality and reflects well on your business. For this reason, we have a great in-house team who will develop graphic assets including logos, style guidelines, email signatures, social media templates, lead magnets and any other documentation that will help build your business.

Talk to us today about how giving your visual assets an upgrade could influence your sales.

Graphic design Digital Marketing Services

We want your customers to feel nurtured right through every touchpoint and encounter with your business. This often sounds great in theory but can become quite cumbersome when done manually, especially as the business grows. ​This is where custom marketing or email automation can really help and be the difference between a sale or a loss.

We help you set up and develop automated email strategies that help nurture your customers through the sales funnel and release some of the tasks off your plate. This frees you up for more important work and ensures no lead is left behind and your customers are retained for life

Talk to us about how email marketing could work for you.

Email Marketing - - Digital Marketing Services

One of the most pivotal shifts in marketing over the past 5 years has been the need and want of customers to feel like they are getting personlised care and service at all points in the sales journey. ​

A great way to ensure your potential customers are nurtured not only in their pre-sale journey but also for customer service is via Chatbots in Facebook and also on your website.

Talk to us today about how Chatbots could help you better connect with your customers.

Chatbots - Digital Marketing Services

It is said that a picture is worth 1000 words, and a video is worth 1 million, so as an online business it’s important to have a high-quality and professional visual identity. In an often text-heavy industry, having authentic video and photography assets is one of the best ways we can communicate your brand, your message and your culture.​ It also enables us to nurture your customers through an education phase of the sales funnel all the way through to making contact.

TheOnlineCo. offers professional photography and videography (including storyboards and editing) as a supplement to our other digital marketing services. We find this highly effective for all our clients – especially after we have worked through a digital marketing playbook with the business. You will have a large catalogue of photos and / or video footage which can be used over a year or more to build social media campaigns and to enhance the look and feel of your website, plus so much more.

Talk to us today to find out more about how getting new creative assets could make a big difference to your sales.

Video and Photography - Digital Marketing Services

Looking for some proof?

Many companies tell you they do a good job, but here is proof we do.

360% increase in LinkedIn connections

Increase in LinkedIn connections
Increase in Revenue from SEO optimisation

743% Increase in Revenue from SEO optimisation

157% increase in clicks among the local target

Increase in clicks among the local target

Because only the best will do

Technology is constantly evolving, and so is our way of working, because what worked last year (or even last week!) may not work effectively tomorrow. Our team are (IS) constantly learning, upskilling, and being trained by global industry leaders to bring the most effective and strategic best practices of digital marketing to you and your business (no matter how big or small). And, we’re completely above board. We don’t play shady, unscrupulous games that jeopardise your business reputation and resources. You’ll never hear or see us suggest or undertake buying likes, using questionable referral links, or baiting and misleading potential customers with information. And you’ll never see us farm out your work to people overseas who simply don’t understand your business or the environment it operates in.

We’re 100% local, we thrive on collaborative partnerships with each of our clients, and we believe in training our team to bring your team the very best.

theOnlineCo - Digital Marketing Team


Our Points of Difference


theOnlineCo Digital Marketing Services - 100% local team


Our entire team of highly experienced and efficient specialists are located here in Australia. We do not outsource overseas.


theOnlineCo Digital marketing services - No lock in contracts


We believe our work should speak for itself so our marketing agreements are month to month.


theOnlineCo Digital Marketing Services - Partnership Focused


We highly value long-term partnerships and transparency. To this end, we endeavour to respond to all queries within 4 business hours and provide monthly video reports to explain your campaign performance.


theOnlineCo Digital Marketing Services - No Cookie Cutters


We will work with you to discover what your unique business goals are and how to best achieve them with strategies personalised to your business.


theOnlineCo Digital Marketing Services - Monthly video report


Not only will we give you the data on how campaigns performed over the past month, we will record a video of us explain it to you in laymans terms.


theOnlineCo Digital Marketing Services - Best practice digital strategies


We value education and invest in keeping our team up to date on current best practice digital strategies and methods of SEO, Google Ads and Social Media Marketing.


theOnlineCo Digital Marketing Services - Solid marketing foundations


We are not solely reliant on the technology. All our strategies are based in sound Marketingg principles and strategies. We focus on the people first (the business and the customers), and the technology to reach them second.

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