James Parnwell is an entrepreneur, strategic thinker and leader in digital marketing. His goal is to transform Australia’s thinking around new technology and digital marketing in business in the next 10 years.

James founded TheOnlineCo. in 2009. TheOnlineCo. is a digital marketing agency whose ethos is

People-First Digital Marketing

Prioritising customer needs before technological tools is the secret to his success. James has taken his own company from a single-person agency and grown it by 12x in the past 8 years. Imagine what his business acumen and digital know-how can do for your company.

James has this superpower of making complicated things simple.

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James Parnwell - Entrepreneur - Digital Leader - Clarity Bringer

James believes in the power of “the data”, but it is his decades of experience that gives him the insight to pinpoint your business pains. James then uses his superpower – which is his ability to distil all the information and digital noise into a clean and clear solution for your business.

3 Frequently Asked Questions

We refer to this person as the Digital Marketing Unicorn. Sadly, they do not exist. Digital marketing is nuanced and is not a one-person job nor a general marketing skill, but rather a team or an agency of specialised professionals. It takes 1000’s of hours to become an expert – When hiring an agency like TheOnlineCo., you are hiring a team of people who devote hours of highly trained expertise per month to your marketing to get it right, contact us for industry leading advice.

People often ask for help with “a thing” like SEO or Google Ads or social media. These are not bad questions or the wrong question, however, it’s the second question of three.

In order to have a successful marketing campaign you need to first have a marketing strategy, followed by tactics, then excellent execution.

The first question we should ask is:

“How do I achieve our business goals by talking to the right people at the right time with the right message.”

When we hear AI, our imaginations run wild, and we start to see Terminator and robots taking over the world. According to KPMG’s 2022 Annual What is Keep Us Up Report, that 77% of corporate executives worry about upskilling employees for a digital future. However, it is my belief that we have inflated expectations of technology. We need to understand the capabilities of AI and embrace it as a tool to help us in our work.

But, don’t just take our word for it, look at these...

As the Managing Director of Biode, I engaged TheOnlineCo to help develop a strategic marketing pathway to launch our new biometric identity management solutions. Our journey started with creating a ‘Digital Marketing Playbook’, and TBH, I was initially sceptical that this process would be a costly time-waster and not deliver the needed insights. As it turned out, the value we gained through this process has been remarkable!

The team at TheOnlineCo have been exceptional during the entire process, and they’ve taken the time to understand the uniqueness of our business. Their exhaustive market analysis and guidance in selecting the right platforms will definitely help us achieve our business goals. The Playbook has given us clarity, confidence, and a solid marketing plan to roll out over the next 12 months. I highly recommend you talk to TheOnlinceCo if you need a strategic approach to your marketing and a team of talented professionals you can trust.

Dave – Biode

TheOnlineCo team were very professional and thoroughly committed to understanding our business from the start of our marketing journey. They took the time and created a very detailed and informative analysis of our competitors, helped us to understand our avatar and our customer story.

From there they provided us with very detailed strategies and recommendations for us to meet our business goals. The overall process was a great experience and they delivered on everything we had expected and more, this gave us the confidence to move forward with our marketing plans.

Michael Mackie – Speak about Speech

The Online Co.’s ‘Digital Marketing Playbook’ process is powerful. As a Director of Zedu Ultrasound Training, I’ve experienced firsthand the impact of their strategic approach. From meticulous market analysis and targeted audience identification to engaging content creation and data-driven optimization, each step has been a game-changer. The Playbook has not only boosted our online visibility but also significantly increased our engagement and conversions. The personalized guidance and clear roadmap provided by The Online Co.’s team of professionals have proven invaluable in maximizing our digital presence. If you’re seeking a comprehensive and results-driven digital marketing solution, guided by a team that will grow to become friends, look no further than The Online Co..

Michael Duncan – Zedu Ultrasound Training.

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