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About Us

A little bit about who we are and how we can help you

At the core of who we are is a family business.  James and April are the owners, and around them, is a talented team of people who are highly skilled, who love what they do, are results driven, are professional and keen to learn all about your business.

Since 2009, TheOnlineCo. has been working with clients ranging from corporates to small and medium businesses.  As we have journeyed over the years, we have found that our love for helping people with their Digital Marketing and growing their business, is our highest business passion.

We love that online marketing is data driven, that business owners can make business decisions based on consumer data and that the success of campaigns can be measured from an ROI perspective.

Technology is driving us to places where we never imagined.  It means that we need to redesign our marketing process’ and campaigns regularly. As a team this is something that we are committed to.

This 7-point guarantee is what we aim to deliver to you.

Why should you partner with us?






Our Philosophy

We are passionate about helping businesses grow. To this end, our aim is to build long term partnerships with our clients. This means we can deeply learn about your business and your customers and create campaigns that improve and grow over time, delivering results in an ever changing marketplace. It gives us great satisfaction to stand with businesses that we have helped build over the past 10 years and look back at all we have achieved through our partnership.

Our Core Values

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At TheOnlineCo. we care for each other. We understand that life can be challenging in and out of work. We endeavour to create an environment that gives people the flexibility to manage their work and life balance. This has meant that team members have been able to navigate health and family issues as well as many other personal circumstances whilst giving their very best at work. Healthy people lead to a healthy workplace which translates into outstanding quality work.



At TheOnlineCo. we care about our clients’ businesses. We started in 2009 and still have some of our very first clients working with us. It’s no surprise that these are also some of the highest performing campaigns we manage. We place a high value on positive communication, transparency and integrity. We actively look to form long-term mutually beneficial partnerships. We love watching our clients’ businesses grow and thrive.


At TheOnlineCo. we care about the performance of our campaigns. We implement world class strategies to achieve the highest results for our clients. We have developed robust systems of accountability to rigorously monitor, optimise and continually improve our campaigns. Our people place high value on their technical skill and implement continuous improvement through training and innovation.



At TheOnlineCo. we care about being generous. We choose to be generous with our words, our time and our finances. We look to create ways to give our expertise to people and businesses that cannot afford our services. We believe that marketing predicated on genuine, big-hearted generosity is like sowing an abundance of seeds, it creates an abundant harvest and an environment of prosperity.

What Our Clients Have To Say

Rated 5 out of 5 stars based on 60 customer reviews.

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