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About Us

A little bit about who we are and how we can help you

james parnwell online marketing I (James, Managing Director) really love Online Marketing. I’ve been in Marketing since 1994 and have run this business since 2009. I think it meets a couple of converging passions of mine.

Certainly, the highest business passion I have is to help other businesses. I have experienced many highs and lows in business and if any of my experiences can help a client I find that very fulfilling.

I love that fact that Online Marketing is data driven. Perhaps I am revealing my inner nerd, but I don’t like business decisions and ideas that are made out of fairy floss and popcorn. I like to see how a dedicated and thoroughly thought through plan can be implemented and then analysed. It can be measured and success can be measured from an ROI perspective.

I also love the fact it is ever changing. We sit on the front bonnet of the technology race car as it hurtles through time. Everything is changing all the time. Technology is driving us to places we never imagined. This means (unfortunately) that we need to redesign our business processes about twice a year. However, in truth I think I would become very bored very quickly if I was in a static and unchanging industry. This facet certainly keeps me on my toes and from time to time I complain about it but I don’t think I’d have it any other way.

It also allows me time to enjoy my family and my faith. Business and earning income is a means to an end. It’s not the end itself. Whilst I love the adventure of business, I really see it as a means to me developing meaningful relationships with family and friends, colleagues and clients.

“..Is life to be defined by what I pursue, or must my pursuit be defined by what life was meant to be?” Ravi Zaccharius.

I’d like the pursuits of my life to be defined by what really matters…

TheOnlineCo Values

Our Philosophy

We create a clear and compelling message then broadcast it using best practice technology.  Our messaging FIRST, technology SECOND approach means we seek to understand the customer on an external, internal and philosophical level before moving to the tools of the online marketing trade.  The result is deeper engagement with customers and better return on investment for our clients.

James Parnwell – Director

Bigger Than Ourselves

At the core of our belief system here at TheOnlineCo.  is a value of looking after those who need it the most.  We don’t just do what we do to get a dollar and pay our bills.  We want to invest back into the lives of people who desperately need helping.  This is why we support an organisation called Destiny Rescue and sponsor a house called “Restore House”.   This home is positioned in a rural province in Cambodia.  It is surrounded by rubber plantations, rice fields, small crop farms and fisherman.  This home is a safe haven for children rescued out of sexual slavery, often at the hands of those in their village or have been rescued from forced sex work in karaoke bars.

At Restore Home, the girls are given much needed unconditional love and time to heal so they can find and fulfil their destinies.  They are provided with emotional support, as well as education and vocational training to bring wholeness, education and employment to these children.

Look here to see what these guys do

Broken to Beautiful – The journey of a young lady who encountered Destiny Rescue

We really believe in the work these incredible people do.  Please go to if you would like to read more and potentially sponsor the program that they are doing with these brave young ladies.

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