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About Us

A little bit about who we are and how we can help you

At the core of who we are is a family business.  James and April are the owners, and around them, is a talented team of people who are highly skilled, who love what they do, are results driven, are professional and keen to learn all about your business.

Since 2009, TheOnlineCo. has been working with clients ranging from corporates to small and medium businesses.  As we have journeyed over the years, we have found that our love for helping people with their Digital Marketing and growing their business, is our highest business passion.

We love that online marketing is data driven, that business owners can make business decisions based on consumer data and that the success of campaigns can be measured from an ROI perspective.

Technology is driving us to places where we never imagined.  It means that we need to redesign our marketing process’ and campaigns regularly. As a team this is something that we are committed to.

This 7-point guarantee is what we aim to deliver to you.

7 Point Guarantee

100% Local Team. Our entire team is located here in Australia. We don’t outsource anything overseas.

No Lock In Contracts. We believe that our work should speak for itself so our marketing agreements are month to month.

Monthly Video Report. Not only we will give you the data on how your campaigns performed over the past month, we will record a video of us explaining it to you in laymans terms.

4 Hours Responsive Time. We will respond to your queries within 4 business hours.

Individual Strategies Tailored to Your Business. We will work with you to discover what your unique business goals are and how to best achieve them with strategies personalised to your business.

Current Best Practice Digital Strategies. We invest in keeping our team up to date on Best Practice methods of SEO, Google Ads & Social Media Marketing.

Technical Answers in Plain English. We will always try to explain the technologies we use in plain English.

Our Philosophy

We are passionate about helping businesses grow. To this end, our aim is to build long term partnerships with our clients. This means we can deeply learn about your business and your customers and create campaigns that improve and grow over time, delivering results in an ever changing marketplace. It gives us great satisfaction to stand with businesses that we have helped build over the past 10 years and look back at all we have achieved through our partnership.

TheOnlineCo. Values

Bigger Than Ourselves

At the core of our belief system here at TheOnlineCo.  is a value of looking after those who need it most.  We don’t just do what we do to get a dollar and pay our bills.  We want to invest back into the lives of people who desperately need helping.  This is why we support an organisation called Destiny Rescue and sponsor a house called “Restore House”.   This home is positioned in a rural province in Cambodia.  It is surrounded by rubber plantations, rice fields, small crop farms and fishermen.  This home is a safe haven for children rescued out of sexual slavery, often at the hands of those in their village, or have been rescued from forced sex work in karaoke bars.

At Restore House, the girls are given much needed unconditional love and time to heal so they can find and fulfil their destinies.  They are provided with emotional support, as well as education and vocational training to bring wholeness, education and employment to these children.

Look here to see what these guys do

Broken to Beautiful
The journey of a young lady who encountered Destiny Rescue

We really believe in the work these incredible people do.  Please go to if you would like to read more and potentially sponsor the program that they are doing with these brave young ladies.

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