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What is a Playbook and why is it important for your business?

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Not sure if this would be helpful for you? Here is what some of our Playbook Customers have said about it:

If you are thinking about doing the Digital Marketing Playbook with James and TheOnlineCo. team – do it! You won’t be disappointed.

The playbook process started with an initial exploration meeting and it was clear to me during that meeting that this was an hour of time well invested! James and his team had clearly done their research prior to our meeting as they came prepared with questions specific to our business and industry.

The playbook was then presented by the team in our next meeting and I have to say I thought it was fantastic. This document is over 70 pages long and covers everything from my competitors, to our brand voice and values, a really in-depth story of our target markets (this is the part I really liked) and then the strategy and tactics to execute.

It is quite an amazing document and one that I highly recommend you do if you need to get your digital marketing strategy and execution sorted.


– Michelle Blicavs, Australian Consulting Surveyors

Working with TheOnlineCo team has been one of the most encouraging and specialised services I have experienced. The process of providing a digital playbook for our company was outstanding and I would highly recommend that anyone seeking to build their digital platform scope take the time to invest in the Digital Marketing Playbook process with James and his team. From initial discovery conversations to massaging the final details, the experience was seamless and solely focussed on providing a unique and targeted approach to our individual needs as a client. We were absolutely blown away with the level of detail, accuracy, heart and investment into understanding our business’s goals, needs and areas of development and growth and providing it to us in a professional playbook presented in a simple and yet professional feedback session. If you are considering TheOnlineCo for your future endeavours I cannot stress enough, you will not regret it!

– Kayleigh Alexandre – HILLSONG COLLEGE

The Digital Marketing Playbook process was quite simply exactly what my business needed. Not only did it take a deep dive into who my ideal clients are and their needs and wants but it also outlined very clearly what marketing activities needed to be done and when to achieve my business goals. On top of that, TheOnlineCo. team looked at my website and branding and assisted with making the necessary changes in these areas as well.

If you have been considering working with a digital marketing agency you need to speak with James and TheOnlineCo. team, they invest in their clients’ businesses and it shows in the work they do and the results they achieve.

– Micheal Anderson, Aurora Wealth

My experience with the play book was that it enabled me to really see that you had all thoroughly investigated every possible opportunity you could help with within my company. I could see time and care were taken to really understand what my needs could be and to review the main competitors in the market. I could foresee a plan forming that could be successfully implemented over the coming 12 months and that it was a living document that we could work together to steer in the right direction.

– Michelle Amor, Spiralz

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Playbook or Playbook Premium?

Keen to step it up another level? If you’ve got a new product or service, or even if your current products or services aren’t getting much traction, we can help you with real-world, real-customer learnings by testing the market.

With Playbook Premium, you’ll get all the standard (and brilliant) inclusions in our Digital Marketing Playbook, PLUS we’ll use Facebook Betatyping to test multiple messages, find the one that resonates the most with your market and then give you a comprehensive plan to move forward with.

PlayBook Digital Marketing strategy - premium

Partner With Us

Once you’ve had one of our Digital Marketing Playbooks created for you, you’ll receive an invite-only offer to become one of our Digital Marketing Partners.

This is an offer for us to be your full marketing department with technical experts who know the game, and work across a range of industries, and for much less cost than hiring a Marketing Manager or internal Marketing Department.

This also entitles you to get a Strategy Manager. Having a dedicated Strategy Manager for your brand ensures that all the material, all the copy, and all the technical work being done essentially gets funnelled through one touch point. This enables that person to make tactical connections, ensure there are no gaps and also allows you to ask any questions you may have but aren’t too sure where to look for the answer.

Strategy Management is about so much more than having a dedicated account manager. It’s about having a team member that is technically minded and skilled in all components of the business, which gives them insight into potentially game-changing opportunities, and then works with your business and the rest of the team to see those executed.

Strategic Management also includes:

  • Dedicated single point of contact
  • Monthly video reports
  • Quarterly milestone meetings with all involved department managers
  • On call support

Our comprehensive Digital Marketing Playbook, tailored to your business, will help you to understand:

  • Your position in your industry
  • The opportunities and threats unique to your business
  • Your brand voice
  • Your ideal customer and client persona
  • Search and Social Media strategies specific to your business
  • Other unique digital marketing opportunities specific to your business
  • A review of your homepage and suggested improvements to get more sales/leads
  • Budgets and Reporting

and so much more!

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