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Social Media Marketing

Leverage the world’s most powerful Social media platforms to connect with your customer
and grow your business.

Use the value of connection to grow your business.

Want to stand out, be noticed, and focus your customer's attention?
We can help!

  • Are you confused about what platforms to use and why?
  • Ready to accelerate your growth on Social Media?
  • Do you want a solid return on your investment?
  • Looking for an agency which is transparent and reliable?
  • Are you after a trustworthy team to guide your Social Media campaigns?
  • Too busy running your business to manage your Social Media?

How can social media help your business?

People are inherently wired for connection and community, and whilst the technology and the way we interact may have changed in recent years, the value remains fundamentally the same.

The advantage now of course with social media, is the scope of the people and businesses with whom you can interact. Social media removes the often cold facade businesses have and lets potential customers get to know you in a more relational way. This in turn creates more loyal customers and enables you to prompt repeat business on a regular basis.

Your 3 Step Solution

How we will help you


Identify Your Customer

You are the ultimate solution to your client’s problem. We will help you make sure they know that.


Harness the Power of Digital Marketing

We will help you execute an effective digital presence on the right platforms.


Get the Results Your Business Needs

We will help you build relationships with the right customers and deliver value to your marketplace.

Social Media Case Studies

Case Study
“We have too many leads - please slow down!”

We have a client in the home improvement space and we manage his social posting as well as ads on Facebook and Instagram.


In the past twelve months we:

PLUS he asked us to reduce his paid ads spend by 75% as he couldn’t keep up with the leads, but because his paid campaigns have been optimised so well they are still bringing in solid leads each month.

Case Study
“Increasing brand awareness”

We’ve worked with our client to ensure both their target markets regularly hear all about their brand, increasing brand awareness and creating leads.

Their most popular posts on Facebook and Instagram reveal a trend – anything fun, light and home design related is really popular with this target market. We’re talking owner builders and people who are passionate about home décor – as well as a few construction professionals in the mix.

When we look at LinkedIn’s most popular posts, we can see that the industry focused posts are most popular, indicating that the construction industry (the other side of their two-sided target market) is engaging in this platform.

What will social media achieve for your business?

Brand Awareness

 Social media is a great way to introduce your brand and products to web users even if they may not be ready for purchase yet. It gives you the opportunity to highlight your values, your points of difference and the benefits of your product or service while steadily growing brand trust.

Using social media, you can achieve brand awareness among thousands of potential customers for very little comparative cost


Engagement is considered to be likes, reactions, comments, clicks, shares or video views. These can be used to not only build brand awareness and trust, but also start to engage customers with your brand and get them talking about your product or service with their friends. Getting current customers engaged also means you can retarget them for future sales, and positive comments about your brand helps to build credibility (much the same way reviews do).


Many businesses believe that if they build their website the people will come. Unfortunately it doesn’t work this way in the digital sphere – you have to actually drive them there. Social is a fantastic way to drive traffic to your website, whether that is for sales, blogs or to learn more about your product or service.


Socials offer so many opportunities for re-targeting, awareness and growing brand trust and engagement. Because of these abilities getting leads via social can be very simple. When the sales funnel is designed and executed correctly, and the offer is good, getting leads on social is often a less expensive option than other avenues – which is always a win!

Social Media Platforms

Social Media Tactics

Why is Graphic Design so important to your Social Media Strategy?

What is it?

DNA Link

Branding is corporate DNA

It’s who you are. Because Social media is primarily visual, it’s the PERFECT platform to really showcase your brand.
This is where Graphic Design comes in. It shows your clients and customers what you’re about.


That is Communicated Visually

A lot of this is communicated visually through elements such as: colour (colour psychology), type (sets the tone for your business), website, and logo. When you design these visual elements in a way that aligns with who you are as a brand, they can go a long way in taking your business to the next level.


To Deliver Key Messages

These elements along with well-designed marketing assets are crucial as they continue to deliver key messages to potential clients and customers when you’re not around.

How does it effect the marketing strategy?

Grab Your Audience’s Attention

Using graphic design in your marketing strategy is a fantastic way to quickly grab your audience’s attention. You can use these visuals to further enhance your written message and campaign.

Connect to Viewers

We live in a very visual world, graphics can be used to connect to viewers easily, identifying your business in seconds, no matter what platform they see your message on.

Tell A Narrative

You can use graphics to be part of a short campaign, or you can use them to tell a narrative and build up a long campaign. Repetition and patterns are an important visual cue to help people retain the information.

 How we use graphics in our campaigns.

Every marketing strategy we design is full of Graphic Design elements. From a logo refresh all the way through to designing a completely new website – graphic design is an integral part of our strategy. When it comes to Social Media we use Graphic Design in every schedule and every PPC campaign we create. We believe using your businesses image/brand on each and every platform has the most impact.

Meet Some of Our Partners

We originally contacted TheOnlineCo. as our site needed SEO work. Rich has done a great job on this. His changes are starting to ‘wash thru’ google and we are starting to see the results. This work is currently ongoing. TheOnlineCo. has also (for a few months) overhauled our existing AdWords campaign to bring it up to current practice with improved results.

Phil Callaghan

Owner, Loadshift

TheOnlineCo. LinkedIn strategy is like a silent assassin that's just working away in the background and then all of a sudden you feel the presence of exposure to new clients and existing clients commenting on the marketing and advertising that is trolling out, then you realise how well it works!

Evan Graham

Managing Director, Limcora

A great mix of up the minute use of technology so that we are seen in all the right places with a good old-fashioned marketing strategy that ensures all the activity is underpinned by careful thought. You are also super friendly and responsive, which makes dealing with you a pleasure. Thanks guys and well done!

Dr. Paul Donovan

The Change Company

What Our Clients Have To Say

Rated 5 out of 5 stars based on 55 customer reviews.

  • I’m in the early stages of working with them, initially on my AdWords account. Am very pleased with level and manner of help provided.

    Paul Mallison Avatar
    Paul Mallison
    1 month ago

    Quick response to my initial email. Follow-up meeting happened within a few days, answering all my questions. Looking forward to working with these guys - super professional.

    Lyndie Leviston Avatar
    Lyndie Leviston
    1 month ago

    The Google Ads webinar was full of good and practical value. Thanks to April and Haidi for taking the time to actually run a live webinar!! It's rare to see companies doing this for free nowadays.

    Karina Rodriguez Avatar
    Karina Rodriguez
    1 month ago

    Cafe Supplier Avatar
    Cafe Supplier
    2 months ago
  • Signed up for one of their free workshops, learned a lot of valuable information for my business! Very professional and responsive to questions participants had in the group. Looking forward to more w... read more

    Elisha Deep Avatar
    Elisha Deep
    2 months ago

    These guys are amazing! I have attended a number of their free workshops and have honestly learnt so much. They break down the principles into simple terms for everyone to understand and all the facil... read more

    Jolene Janzen Van Nieuwenhuizen Avatar
    Jolene Janzen Van Nieuwenhuizen
    3 months ago

    Great presentation and very informative. Looking forward to more webinars.

    Livia Janovics Avatar
    Livia Janovics
    3 months ago

    Real luxury marketing tools. The marketing tools/ content shared in this workshop is shaping businesses on Facebook. Thankyou!

    Sonia Cotroneo Avatar
    Sonia Cotroneo
    3 months ago
  • My business partner and I had very little knowledge (or experience) with google ads, and Heide and co provided a really good overall snapshot of how they work, right from how to generate search terms,... read more

    Amazing Skin Avatar
    Amazing Skin
    3 months ago

    Heidi gave a very professional and informative presentation on how to create a Google ads campaign. I feel much more able to do this for myself and would also recommend OnlineCo's services to anyone ... read more

    Caroline Fraser Avatar
    Caroline Fraser
    4 months ago

    The workshop on Instagram helped me understand the key features and how to use Instagram effectively. Will definitely implement the strategies. A timely webinar!

    Sandhya Sunil Avatar
    Sandhya Sunil
    4 months ago

    Was professional but fun at the same time, Found presenter well spoken too.

    kelly schofield Avatar
    kelly schofield
    4 months ago
  • I learnt so much from todays lesson on Google Ads! It was fantastic!

    Georgia Parnwell Avatar
    Georgia Parnwell
    4 months ago

    Attended their free online facebook training. It was really good and gave some great insights.

    Debbie Jones Avatar
    Debbie Jones
    4 months ago

    This is the 2nd time I've had the pleasure to use The On Line Co. They have been very informative and I've learnt a lot in only 2 sessions. I plan on furthering my skills with them. Well done. Im very... read more

    Renole Robinson Avatar
    Renole Robinson
    4 months ago

    April and the team delivered an outstanding Google Ads Campaign workshop sharing their knowledge on how to set up and execute high converting Google Ads. I left the one hour workshop feeling confident... read more

    Michelle Sheffield Avatar
    Michelle Sheffield
    4 months ago
  • Daniel Mpamaugo Avatar
    Daniel Mpamaugo
    5 months ago

    Really helpful in aiding newcomers to social media, advertising and digital marketing in small to medium businesses. Great content and courses!

    Carina Johnson Avatar
    Carina Johnson
    5 months ago

    The team at The Online Co are professional yet fun to communicate with. Thanks for a great experience.

    Sam Ng | Seals HQ Avatar
    Sam Ng | Seals HQ
    6 months ago

    Christie has bubbly personality which made the zoom call meeting more fun and interactive.

    Heidi Yi Avatar
    Heidi Yi
    6 months ago
  • Thank you for the Google ads workshop. It really helped to give me some structure and also learn how it all works! Heidi, it was great!

    Lyndy Lou Avatar
    Lyndy Lou
    6 months ago

    Participated in an on-line meeting and was very impressed with the execution, clarity and professionalism of the event. Great work.

    Sunil Bhakri Avatar
    Sunil Bhakri
    6 months ago

    Great Workshops! Thank you!!

    North Shore Cleaning Group PTY LTD Avatar
    North Shore Cleaning Group PTY LTD
    6 months ago

    I did a free Instagram workshop and it was full of useful strategies that have really inspired me to implement immediately! Thank you for your generous sharing.

    Lynda Harding Avatar
    Lynda Harding
    7 months ago
  • It’s hard as a mum in small business to do everything! The workshop was helpful and I received some valuable information on how to get my social media working better for my business. Thanks so much fo... read more

    Debbie Kassis Avatar
    Debbie Kassis
    7 months ago

    I can't even tell you how amazing these guys are, they go above and beyond and have an incredible work ethic. Absolutely can't recommend them enough!

    Kylie Sultana Avatar
    Kylie Sultana
    7 months ago

    Joni provided so many tips I can actually use to build my business on Instagram. Thank you

    Michelle Kirby Avatar
    Michelle Kirby
    7 months ago

    Attended some really great marketing sessions recently with them. Learnt heaps about using Facebook and Instagram for content creation and growing our business presence.

    Micheal Anderson Avatar
    Micheal Anderson
    7 months ago
  • Great team who are very helpful.

    MadMatt 4wd Avatar
    MadMatt 4wd
    7 months ago

    Thank you for offering free training to small businesses, much needed during these crazy times!

    Abz Kam Avatar
    Abz Kam
    7 months ago

    Thank you Joni and April for a great (free) workshop on Facebook Posting. In the current climate, it is so wonderful to see such generosity in sharing your knowledge and experience. The workshop was... read more

    Sally Fr Avatar
    Sally Fr
    7 months ago

    Great strategic advice. Friendly and human 🙂

    Craig Anderson Avatar
    Craig Anderson
    8 months ago
  • I've noticed James engaging posts on LinkedIn. After commenting on a post, James sent me a message back.

    He generously offered for one of his team to connect with me so I could ask a few questions a...
    read more

    Deborah Ricketts Avatar
    Deborah Ricketts
    8 months ago

    Thank you The Online Co for a great (free) workshop on Facebook Posting. In the current climate, it is so wonderful to see such generosity in sharing your knowledge and experience. The workshop was ... read more

    Sally Fr Avatar
    Sally Fr
    8 months ago

    TheOnlineCo are outstanding. Friendly, upfront and incredibly helpful I would recommend James and his team to help you grow your business no matter what stage you are at. Quality all the way.

    Geoff Young Avatar
    Geoff Young
    8 months ago

    Christie was very knowledgeable about Social Media marketing, and was a huge help to our team! Top notch!

    Joel Balyeat Avatar
    Joel Balyeat
    8 months ago
  • Good and professional gave me some good and very useful content

    Education FX Avatar
    Education FX
    8 months ago

    Excellent service!

    Timothy Fragogiannis Avatar
    Timothy Fragogiannis
    8 months ago

    Amazing personalised service! A digital marketing agency that really cares about their customers. Highly recommended!

    Jovana - Bumper Leads Avatar
    Jovana - Bumper Leads
    10 months ago

    Great work. James and the team do exactly what they say. When I ask a question they answer, They keep me in the loop and get results.

    Brett Monaghan Avatar
    Brett Monaghan
    2 years ago
  • Web traffic and interactions have gone up, it's been such a great journey working with TheOnlineCo, and the results speak for themselves... so much that we have asked them to do more! Easy to work wit... read more

    Audrey Barucchi Avatar
    Audrey Barucchi
    2 years ago

    James and the team are so easy to work with. They are patient, not pushy on the sale, explain things really well, get back to you on time, stay up to date with the latest trends and feed that informat... read more

    Michael Jeffrey Avatar
    Michael Jeffrey
    2 years ago

    James and the team are so easy to work with. They are patient, not pushy on the sale, explain things really well, get back to you on time, stay up to date with the latest trends and feed that informat... read more

    Michael Jeffrey Avatar
    Michael Jeffrey
    2 years ago

    April and James from TheOnlineCo know their trade. It's been a charm working with them - great communication and outstanding results. They respond timely, are very helpful and are able to explain what... read more

    Adrian Tobisch Avatar
    Adrian Tobisch
    2 years ago
  • Great people who cut through the jargon and provide realistic, easy to understand strategies to all levels of business. I've dealt with many digital agencies and most try to 'dazzle' you with fancy t... read more

    Victoria Wright Avatar
    Victoria Wright
    2 years ago

    Great people who cut through the jargon and provide realistic, easy to understand strategies to all levels of business. I've dealt with many digital agencies and most try to 'dazzle' you with fancy t... read more

    Victoria Wright Avatar
    Victoria Wright
    2 years ago

    Great work. James and the team do exactly what they say. When I ask a question they answer, They keep me in the loop and get results.

    Brett Monaghan Avatar
    Brett Monaghan
    2 years ago

    I’m in the early stages of working with them, initially on my AdWords account. Am very pleased with level and manner of help provided.

    Paul Mallison Avatar
    Paul Mallison
    2 years ago
  • We have been working with The OnlineCo for nearly a year now and our experience has been great! The team at OnlineCo are professionals, results driven and proactive. They are always available to respo... read more

    Ann Chan Avatar
    Ann Chan
    3 years ago

    The team at the OnlineCo. What can I say ....................... They are awesome!! Four things spring to mind when I think of them. * Professional Service * Friendly guys * Patient with me ..... when... read more

    Dave Ferguson Avatar
    Dave Ferguson
    3 years ago

    Harrison (Harry) PARNWELL Avatar
    Harrison (Harry) PARNWELL
    3 years ago

    Great team, professional service and great results! Online Co have performed wonders with our SEO campaign and they are an overall pleasure to deal with. Would highly recommend them to any business!

    Chrissy M Avatar
    Chrissy M
    3 years ago
  • Very professional outfit - They are are methodical in working through my SEO issues.

    Tim Hart Avatar
    Tim Hart
    3 years ago

    Robert Costigan Avatar
    Robert Costigan
    3 years ago

    The best SEO in the market

    Patrick Jacob Avatar
    Patrick Jacob
    3 years ago

Helpful Information

Want some more specific information? We have some really helpful blogs here:


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I’m terrible at golf! If you’re wonderful at golf, congratulations! For me, that little white ball taunts me and goes everywhere I don’t want it to go. I’m told there are four main reasons why I’m not doing do well…

Digital Marketing SWOT – A Simple Guide

If you're new to the SWOT framework, here's a quick introduction. SWOT is a tool which can be used to analyse strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT). Strengths and weaknesses are about you and your business. What are your personal strengths?…

Or you can come along to one of our workshops.

Social Media Posting FAQs

We’re a remote workplace, which means we all work from our home offices! Our head office is in Norwest Business Park, NSW.

We have lots of experience with this and will guide you through this and will show you your options, and what we recommend.

The wonderful thing about social media, is that your customers don’t need to be searching for you to find you.
Other online mediums like Google Ads and even SEO (being found in Google Search), require your customer to have search intent – i.e. they need to know they’re looking for your product.
Social isn’t like that. You can present your brand, service or product to prospective clients and get sales even when they didn’t know they needed you.

Additionally, if someone has already purchased from you, you can have regular touch points with them to get repeat business easily and at a much lower cost than other avenues

Of course. Social doesn’t require a huge amount of technical knowledge to get it right. What it does require however, is time.
Consistent effort month in and month out, as well as a commitment to continually learn is what will make your campaign successful.

If that sounds like time you might not have, or effort you’re not keen to put in, then getting your socials outsourced to someone who knows your brand and is committed to making it work is perhaps a much better option for you.

The simple question is – do you have the time to dedicate to socials to make it work? Do you know enough about your customer and your industry to present them with regular, engaging content?

If the answer to either of these is no, then it’s time to get the experts involved. Another good question to ask is “Are you ready to partner with a digital marketing team?”

At TheOnlineCo. we are working to find people we can partner with long-term to make their business the very best it can be through digital marketing.

Social media management is the process of creating, writing, publishing and managing content across social media platforms. We partner with you and perform all of these tasks on your behalf.

We start with an initial set up phase, this time enables us to get access to your platforms and develop content for you to approve and various other once off tasks. Once we’ve been through the approval process we schedule your content and move into our ongoing management phase of your profiles.

Our team are able to create content for you designed to be posted on all the major platforms including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest.

Yes, as part of our community management process we manage your social moedia inbox respond to comments using the responses we have developed with you in our set up phase.

Determining the frequency of posting is part of developing your social media strategy. We are firm believers in the quality over quantity value of social media and ensuring that we are working with the platform’s algorithms to get you the best result.

Yes of course!

You still have complete control of your social media channels and the content on them and we encourage you to post ad hoc to your channels.

Need Help With Your Social Media Marketing?
We’re Here To Help!

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