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Many businesses struggle with their Digital Marketing efforts. Our expertly designed process brings clarity and drives results by developing a comprehensive 12-month strategic plan tailored to boost your sales and growth.

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Where do these numbers come from?

Research Based Methodology

A survey of 316 US companies was conducted, asking them to define their industry and the percentage of company revenue invested in marketing. If you don’t have a subscription, you can view the relevant percentages from the report here. The Marketing Budget Calculator uses these figures as benchmarks for comparison. Depending on your business’s growth objectives, you may need to invest more or less than the industry average.

It’s crucial for your marketing budget to be both appropriate and sustainable. Strong growth goals require a substantial marketing budget, but it’s equally important to ensure that your investment is sustainable for the long term, avoiding ad-hoc short-term marketing strategies which usually fail.


Digital Marketing Checklist

Your Digital Marketing budget should be spent on the right…

  • Comprehensive 12-Month Strategic Plan
  • Data Dashboard for performance visibility and insights
  • Content Creation Plan (words, images, and video)
  • Attraction Strategy for bringing visitors to your website via paid and organic search
  • Engagement Process for connecting with your ideal customer on selected social media platforms
  • Website Refresh every 3-5 years

This 90 second video from our founder James Parnwell, gives insight into our uniquely engineered process.

our marketing strategy

Successful Digital Marketing starts with a sound strategy

Most businesses are stuck in a tactics-first mentality, relying on SEO, social media, or paid advertising and hoping to achieve growth. At TheOnlineCo., we take a strategy-first approach. We focus on answering a deeper question: “How do we achieve our organisation’s goals by reaching the right people at the right time with the right message?” Developing this question into a 12-month strategic plan primes you for success. Our Digital Marketing Playbook provides clarity on how to drive your business to greater levels of success.

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Digital Marketing Checkup

Our quick, simple, and non-technical checkup, taking less than 3 minutes, will pinpoint exactly where your Digital Marketing needs improvement.

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Spend 30 minutes with us to review your checkup results and determine if our Playbook is the perfect fit for your business.

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Digital Marketing Playbook

Our team of strategy experts will conduct an in-depth analysis of your business’s marketing needs and create a customised 12-month strategic Digital Marketing Playbook designed to drive your success.

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Our highly experienced team will implement your 12-month strategy, providing you with monthly data updates and quarterly milestone meetings to ensure your goals are being met and progress is on track.

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The Five Pillars Of Digital Marketing

The goal is progress, not perfection. Take the Digital Marketing Checkup twice a year and watch your score increase as you implement the suggestions provided and become strong in all five pillars. Your journey starts with understanding your ogranisation’s performance in each of the Five Pillars of Digital Marketing.

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Strategic Planning

Failing to plan is planning to fail. By taking the time to set up a strong and robust overarching strategy, your organisation is enabled to grow through successful Digital Marketing.


Measure and track the important metrics to learn how your target market is responding to your marketing efforts. Use the insights to continually refine and improve your Digital Marketing.


Implement strong and effective tactics that use Search Engines (paid and organic) to attract your ideal customers, inviting them to engage with your organisation in increasingly effective ways.

Social Media

Carefully select social media channels that will help you to generate brand awareness, attract new customers, and keep your brand top of mind.


Create consistent content (words, image and video) that engage and educate your customers in ways that bring them closer to doing business with you.

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