James Parnwell

James Parnwell

Case Study: Law Firm

This successful law firm contacted TheOnlineCo. when they decided to expand their business. Having previously worked with another digital marketer, they had found that their results were unsatisfactory and communication was very basic. They knew they needed to make a shift if they were going to meet their growth targets. 

TheOnlineCo - Successful Law Firm

They signed up for 2 of our digital marketing services: SEO and Google Ads management and we got straight to work, bringing their current systems and website up to Best Practise and the changes were evident, right from day one. The campaign was launched on December 27th, 2015 and within the first week, the firm’s leads exploded. Through a campaign of Google Ads, Display, YouTube, Facebook marketing, foreign language and multicultural campaigns, a comprehensive SEO campaign and regular content writing, the campaign has been hugely successful. 

Having previously paid $700 per lead, the firm now pays $110 per lead. Thousands of potential clients are seeing their ads and their SEO Campaign has seen a 200% increase. Since engaging TheOnlineCo, the Law Firm has tripled in size. 

James Parnwell
James Parnwell

James is the Managing Director and resident strategist at TheOnlineCo. He is clever and creative with a flair for making complex things sound simple. He has been in the marketing game for over 2 decades and has watched the landscape slowly shift. James has his finger on the pulse of every aspect within TheOnlineCo, meeting with all clients as well as every core team member and strategising a specific plan tailored to each client.

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