Case Study: Tropical Plant Rentals

Case Study: Tropical Plant Rentals

How an Environmental Service Company Blossomed with TheOnlineCo’s Digital Marketing Expertise

Imagine walking into an office, lush with greenery and radiating freshness. Now imagine helping the company that creates these green havens flourish online. When the management team of Tropical Plant Rentals, a veteran environmental service company with an esteemed history spanning over four decades realised their digital growth had stagnated, they knew it was time for a change.

However, the transition wasn’t so simple. Tropical Plant Rentals had relied on a close acquaintance for their SEO needs, but this alliance hadn’t kept pace with their burgeoning aspirations. With an illustrious clientele of over 2,500 spread across major states, capital cities, and towns in Australia, the company needed to sprout wings in the digital world.

They sought a catalyst for transformation, and that’s when they stumbled upon TheOnlineCo. It was as if the stars had aligned, TheOnlineCo was the first link they saw in their search results, and a seed was planted.

All-Hands On Deck – TheOnlineCo’s Full-Service Digital Marketing

With TheOnlineCo at the helm, a full-fledged suite of digital marketing services was ready to take root. Tropical Plant Rentals embarked on a digital journey through SEO, social media, paid social media, and Google Ads.

But every gardener knows you have to get your hands dirty to make things grow. A deep analysis of the company’s website revealed an overgrown maze of irrelevant content attracting the wrong kind of traffic. The soil needed turning, and the weeds had to go.

SEO and Website Development

To address this issue, we optimised Tropical Plant Rentals’ website by improving its load speed and clearing out irrelevant content. We also did keyword mapping and SILO site process and created a 12-month rollout plan and decided to opt for the highest plan for three months, which the client has continued since then. The focus was on optimising not only individual franchise locations but also the entire website and distributing leads to the right franchisee.

We also optimised the Tropical Plant Rental’s website’s local site pages, as 75% of their turns are local turns for plant hire. User experience was negative, so we gave the site a facelift over time, improving the UX and load speed. The company’s website traffic has increased, and the leads are more consistent in a highly competitive space. We have paid attention to competitors and worked to improve the relevant traffic by removing content from the webpage that would not result in leads.

As a result, we’ve replaced irrelevant traffic with hot leads, resulting in a 36% increase in traffic year-over-year.

Optimising Google Ads

When we started working with Tropical Plant Rentals, we discovered that the conversions were set up incorrectly. Our team divided the campaigns into multiple locations (Sydney, Melbourne, Queensland) and focused on brand campaigns. This resulted in a 37% decrease in conversion costs per lead.

Facebook Ads

We also launched Facebook Ads for Tropical Plant Rentals, resulting in healthy landing page views and increased direct visits. The relevancy of the traffic was improved and there was a significant improvement in organic clicks and impressions across the board. Over time, as the user experience and content of the site improved, the traffic and leads became more consistent.

If you’re looking for a long-term digital marketing partnership, we’d love to chat!

Overall Results

Overall, Tropical Plant Rentals has seen positive trends and continues to improve its digital marketing efforts with the help of TheOnlineCo. Our efforts led to a 36% increase in traffic year-on-year, with organic conversions up by 31%, and trends are moving upwards. Their local pages continued to improve, resulting in impressive improvements in organic clicks and impressions across the board. Their website now occupies positions 1 and 2 or 2 and 3 for several results, especially local results.


Tropical Plant Rentals has improved its online presence significantly. We were able to help them achieve its goals of increasing traffic and generating more leads from its website. They have found a reliable and competent digital marketing partner and continues to work with us today.

Client Testimonial

“Increase in conversions by 44.1%, conversion rate by 13% and cost per conversion decreased by 31.7%”

Tropical Plant Rentals
Rating: 5

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