James Parnwell

James Parnwell

Startup Client: 3 Months of Momentum, Great Results

This client came to us as a startup. As someone who is passionate about helping women in business and has worked in the industry for several years, she had a great reputation, but the business was almost entirely unknown, with just a basic website and branding setup.

Our team set to work, creating a playbook, where we identified competitors (some larger, some of similar size) and carefully assessed what was and wasn’t currently working within the branding and marketing collateral.


During the process of creating the playbook, our team found a few areas where improvements could be made, to build a successful marketing campaign.

Messaging and Branding:

We found that our client lacked a clear or compelling message. It was difficult to know what the business did, by looking at the website.

Our team also found that while our client was well known and had a great reputation in the industry, the brand was largely unknown and therefore wasn’t yet trusted. As someone who does a lot of work in the not-for-profit sector, she needed to become more of a public figure. The branding was also heavily coloured in a particular way which cut out a large part of the market and presented possible barriers to growth. The logo was quite basic, leaving heaps of room for improvement.

Our client also wanted the business to grow in coming months


Our client also wanted the business to grow in coming months, so that she could hire contractors, rather than being the sole consultant. Her name was in the original business name which presented difficulties off the bat, as far as expansion is concerned. Our client needed us to help strategically map out a plan of expansion, with the right building blocks early on to make it happen.

While our client is incredible at what she does, she readily admitted that she needed to partner with professionals, so she could get on with doing what she’s good at, while being backed by a solid scaffolding of professional, cutting-edge marketing and branding which aligned with the brand’s voice and mission at all times.

Our client came in with a solid understanding that to create something amazing, there was a need for investment into strategy and building a foundation. Rather than starting to post content on social media right away, our team set to work, getting everything just right behind the scenes, so she’d have a solid foundation to build upon in coming months and year.


We are now a few months into this campaign and already the results are speaking for themselves.

Having completed the playbook process, this client decided to work with us on SEO and LinkedIn Sales Navigator campaigns as well as a website redesign and full rebranding.

Messaging and Branding:

Our team set to work with our client, to look for a more suitable colour scheme and logo. Our client is well known and loved but the new brand was largely unheard of. With much of her work based in the NFP sector, this client’s branding required a mixture of professionalism and warmth. After many strategic conversations and creative meetings, we took a selection of colour and logo options to our client, explaining our reasoning behind each idea. She settled on a colour which our team initially noticed she was quite fond of and which represents a brand or personality which is fun and engaging – exactly what our client is! Our team then created a new logo which emanates the warmth, professionalism and proactivity of the brand.

With the rebrand now complete, the team began work on the website redesign, making strategic designs throughout with a successful SEO campaign in mind.

The results speak for themselves. Within 3 months of the website and branding redesign being complete, our client’s site has seen 107 clicks and 6.36K impressions.

As you can see, the results speak for themselves. Within 3 months of the website and branding redesign being complete, our client’s site has seen 107 clicks and 6.36K impressions. These numbers continue to build. Our client was, in her words,

thrilled with how it went and how supportive the team was, bringing it to life!

Because our client was already very well regarded in the industry, the LinkedIn Sales Navigator campaign has been very successful. Leads have come through the online platform as well as over the phone, with one lead in particular resulting in a $80K consulting package.

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator campaign has been very successful. Leads have come through the online platform as well as over the phone
Clients Feedback


We explained our concerns around the business name with the client and she was happy for us to provide alternative options and ideas. Our team had many strategic conversations, working towards finding a name that would better serve the brand’s vision, while ensuring the role of the company was much clearer. Our team were also careful to retain the personality and flair for which she was already well-known, loved and respected. We brought quite a few options and versions to the client, explaining our reasoning behind each of the options, one of which was selected. The name change was then put into motion and already our client has begun expanding by hiring consultants. The expansion plan is well underway without hindrance or limitation.

Our team really enjoys working with this client. She is fully engaged in the process yet enables us to lead with creative and strategic ideas and processes, providing the best possible solutions and service. We love it when our clients enjoy working with us, as much as we love working with them! In her own words:

A lot of agencies over promise and under deliver. But when I met James and the team from TheOnlineCo. they asked all the right questions, showed that they cared about my business and exceeded my expectations.
The professionalism and expertise made every interaction with TheOnlineCo. insightful and enjoyable, I know my brand and business are in great hands!!

Other than developing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy and managing all aspects of my website design, the biggest benefit has been working with an agency that actually cares and takes the time to explain every step of the process.

A big thank you to TheOnlineCo., I am excited about the future of our partnership.”

James Parnwell
James Parnwell

James is the Managing Director and resident strategist at TheOnlineCo. He is clever and creative with a flair for making complex things sound simple. He has been in the marketing game for over 2 decades and has watched the landscape slowly shift. James has his finger on the pulse of every aspect within TheOnlineCo, meeting with all clients as well as every core team member and strategising a specific plan tailored to each client.

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