Meet Our Team

We would like you to get to know our team, because what we do is only one component. We are passionate about what we do and that is who we are…

James Parnwell - Managing Director

James Parnwell

Managing Director

James is the founder and Managing Director of TheOnlineCo. 11 years ago, James decided to use his business background and degree in Marketing to hit the digital world of online marketing.  From that time, his strengths of being a strategic and forward thinker have been used across all aspects of our business as well as our client’s business’.  With a natural creative flair and bent for relationship, James pursues integrity and all things true and honest!

Outside of TheOnlineCo. James loves to cook, especially anything over a fire, loves to camp, read and spend time with the family

April Parnwell - Operations Manager

April Parnwell

Business Manager

April is the General Manager of TheOnlineCo. April brings to the table many years of experience working with people.  Whether it be with our clients or with our staff, April likes to be connected.  The other side of April’s position involves working on the workflows and systems of the business as well as HR.

Outside of TheOnlineCo. April loves to spend time with people, loves singing, camping, the beach, holidaying anywhere family is and walking the pooches.

Belinda Bonett - Strategic Manager

Belinda Bonett

Operations Manager

Belinda is our Strategic Manager. With a degree in Organisational Leadership and a wealth of experience in management roles across various industries throughout her career, Belinda offers broad experience in business development, strategy, engagement, project management and operational structure. Belinda enjoys seeing her clients and colleagues thrive and take new ground, and is always looking for growth opportunities.

Outside of TheOnlineCo. Belinda enjoys a good laugh, loves to spend time with friends and family, and unashamedly enjoys a good TV series binge!

Rich Brown - SEO Manager

Rich Brown

SEO Manager

Rich has 20 years of experience in web development that has led him on a journey to becoming a highly skilled SEO Manager.  With a love of learning how to make things work and an inquisitive nature Rich has a great ability to implement SEO strategies to a bigger picture to getting our clients ranking for the designated keywords.  He is thorough, methodical and skilled.

Outside of TheOnlineCo. Rich is an avid songwriter and guitarist. He was also a baker in his previous life.

Heidi Jones - SEM Team Leader

Heidi Jones

SEM Manager

Heidi has been a SEM specialist for TheOnlineCo for 10 years.  Heidi is certified across all areas of Adwords and has great capacity to massage the workings of campaigns so that they hum and sing.  She manages a team of specialists to get the greatest ROI for our clients.

Outside of TheOnlineCo. Heidi loves to bake yummy treats, sing, dance, play guitar and drums (terribly) and enjoy some fresh air taking walks with the family.


Jan Giffen

Strategic & Creative Content Manager

Jan is the Strategic and Creative Content Manager here at TheOnlineCo. With a Graduate Certificate in Business Management and Marketing, Jan has a wealth of experience in both facets, working brand-side and in agency. She values getting to know our clients’ businesses and industries, to best position them in the digital marketing landscape. Staying across the numbers, she loves to drive results and see our clients grow with research and genuine strategy.

Outside of TheOnlineCo. Jan loves to spend time with her family and friends. If there is water, Jan and her water loving dog will be there!

Tamar Webster - SEO, SEM & Facebook PPC Specialist

Tamar Webster

SEO, SEM & Facebook PPC Specialist

Tamar has been working in our team since 2018. Since starting with us she has completed her Bachelor of Media, in which she majored in Public Relations and Social Media with added marketing units. She is hardworking, organised, responsible and driven. Tamar is now an accomplished SEO, SEM and Facebook PPC specialist who succeeds in all she does. We love having her on our team.

Outside of TheOnlineCo. Tamar enjoys playing piano, drinking copious amounts of coffee, long road trips and (enthusiastically) supporting her favourite AFL team.

Katrina Lugtu - Content Specialist

Katrina Lugtu

Content Specialist

Katrina is a Content Specialist here at TheOnlineCo. With a background in marketing and Project Management, her attention to detail contributes to her role writing relevant content and keeping on top of all the details! Katrina brings strong organisational skills to the table, plus a strong, positive ‘we can make it happen’ attitude.

Outside TheOnlineCo.
Katrina is an avid singer and performer, who in a past life was also a vocal teacher. She enjoys time with her family, baking, reading and all things home and architecture.

Kelista Puddle - Content Writer

Kelista Puddle

Content Specialist

Kelista fits wonderfully into TheOnlineCo team.  From writing content schedules, email campaigns, blogs for websites, LinkedIn schedules, Kelista knows how to source relevant information to get great engagement.

Outside of TheOnlineCo. Kelista loves to read ridiculously long novels, sing and listen to music, drink copious amounts of tea, go on walks with the dog, watch movies and take drives to picturesque places.


Gladys Labsan

Content Specialist

Gladys is one of our brilliant digital content writers here at TheOnlineCo. With many years of professional writing experience, Gladys engineers content that inspires Google, generating brand awareness and valuable leads through organic search. She is a creative soul who brings both vibrant energy (think rock music!) and thoughtful detail to her work as a writer, portrait and mural artist.

Outside TheOnlineCo. when Gladys isn’t creating, she enjoys cruising to the beach with her family. An avid reader who enjoys mysteries and thrillers, she also loves a good mind-bending movie or TV series while indulging in cake and cookies.

Tia Burton

Strategic Manager

Tia is a Strategic Manager here at TheOnlineCo. Fuelled by a passion for people and the transformative power of digital marketing, Tia thrives on helping clients navigate the ever-evolving landscape of online engagement, and is committed to fostering long-term success.

Outside TheOnlineCo. Tia delights in spending time with her family and friends, relishing spontaneous camping adventures, playing soccer for her local club, nurturing her creative passions, and supporting her local community through various initiatives.

Orlando Tan - SEO and Web Dev Specialist

Orlando Tan

SEO and Web Dev Specialist

Orlando is a highly skilled and experienced front-end web developer with a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. With over 8 years in the industry, he has a solid background in developing engaging and user-friendly websites, with expertise in SEO, specifically in onpage and technical aspects, that has allowed him to deliver optimal results for clients.He is passionate about exploring different web development platforms, and finding creative solutions to apply SEO best practices to these platforms.

Outside TheOnlineCo. Orlando enjoy spending time with his family, especially his two kids. He also loves watching movies and listening to music as a form of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Harry Parnwell - SEM Specialist

Harry Parnwell

SEM Specialist

Harry is one of our SEM Specialists who is the perfect fit to our team. His attention to detail and his creativity is what really sets him apart to work at best of his ability. He is strategic, result driven and passionate about getting the best possible outcomes for campaigns. We value his positivity and determination to complete every job to a high standard.

Outside TheOnlineCo. Harry loves all things music. Whether it is picking the key of his favourite song or creating something new from scratch, Harry is always well immersed in the music world. He also loves being with friends and family and playing his favourite computer game in his spare time.

Georgia Parnwell - Administrative Assistant

Georgia Parnwell

Administrative Assistant & Content Specialist

Georgia works as our Administrative Assistant here at TheOnlineCo. She diligently works at supporting the team administratively. Her love of organising and planning helps her complete each task with positivity, to ensure that everyone has what they need.

Additionally she also is one of our Content Specialists working in organic social media as well as being one of our Content Writers. She loves the creative process of both of these tasks and enjoys the challenge of working with different clients that require different things. She has also recently completed a Diploma in Business which adds to her skill set and helps her support TheOnlineCo. better.

Outside of TheOnlineCo. Georgia loves to go to the local cafe, spend quality time with family and friends, sing and write songs and of course, enjoy a solid TV show. 

Tia David

Tia David

Partnerships Manager

Tia has a wealth of experience in advertising, strategic partnerships, and business development in the media industry, eCommerce and, events marketing space. Her expertise in launching a global brand into the APAC market has driven her passion for digital marketing strategies and client services. She enjoys connecting with new clients, sharing industry insights, and collaborating on bespoke marketing solutions.

Outside TheOnlineCo.
Tia was a former yoga instructor and is passionate about theatre and classical music. She enjoys snowboarding, scuba diving, going to the beach, and live music concerts.

Kilaya Puddle - Junior SEO and Web Dev Specialist

Kilaya Puddle

Junior SEO and Web Dev Specialist

Kilaya is one of our Junior Web Developers here at TheOnlineCo. She is enthusiastic and passionate about achieving effective results that align with every individual customer’s vision. She brings a strategic mind and detail oriented approach to accomplish bringing a client’s design to life and maintaining it.

Outside TheOnlineCo.
Kilaya enjoys spending time with family, working on creative projects, walking down by the beach and engaging in multiple forms of media, including movies, TV shows and online games.

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