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Meet Our Team

We would like you to get to know our team, because what we do is only one component. We are passionate about what we do and that is who we are…

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James is the Managing Director and resident strategist at TheOnlineCo.  He is clever and creative with a flair for making complex things sound simple.  James has his finger in every pie within TheOnlineCo, meeting with every core team member and strategizing a specific plan for each client.  He also enjoys walking clients through our process and bringing them into TheOnlineCo. fold.  WIN WIN situations are what really makes James so great to work with.



April is the Business Development Manager at TheOnlineCo.  She loves people, is always up for a chat and loves to help.  April is always available if a client requires assistance and is only just an email or phone call away.  April is very much involved in the nurturing sequence of clients from the initial point of contact right through to when they come on board as clients and then will walk the journey with our new friends.



Heidi is our AdWords Specialist.  There isn’t much she doesn’t know about AdWords.  Certified across all area’s of AdWords, Heidi has a great capacity to massage the workings of AdWords campaigns so that they hum and sing.  Heidi is brilliant at her job and we are so thankful that she is on our team.



Rich is one of the smartest dudes around here – he is our SEO Strategist at TheOnlineCo.  He is a learner, he enjoys figuring out how to make things work and is tenacious about getting your SEO sorted.  Rich has this ability to implement SEO strategies that help our clients rank for their designated keywords.  He is thorough, methodical and skilled.



Christie is our Social Media Strategist.  With years of Social Media experience and an incredible ability to write great copy and strategy for each campaign. Christie works with our Social Media clients bringing years of experience to the table.  She has worked for many different organisations in this space and has a great understanding of how to create ads that are engaging and uses split testing methods to build campaigns that potential customers respond too.



Louise is our Content Manager.  Lou as we call her, is an energetic, bright and bubbly personality we all love being around.  Lou manages a team of content writers who put together great articles for blogs, backlinks and social strategies alike. She loves reading and learning and is one of those people who is thorough with her work.



Sabine is one of our Content writers who writes high level content for our clients websites.  She has a PhD in psychology and is in the process of getting her clinical masters degree, so as you could imagine the content that Sabine writes is of the highest quality.  Sabine creates content that is engaging and accurate.  Apart from that, she is one of the loveliest people you will meet.



Georgia is our Junior Social Media Co-Ordinator.  She works with clients posting relevant content to their Facebook / Pintrest / Instagram pages.  She is methodical, teachable and just brings great joy to our business.



Ella is our Junior Graphic Artist who helps to create images for our Social Media Campaigns.  Again, Ella is working part time with us as she is studying Graphic Design at University.



Melinda is one of our Social Media Coordinators.  Her professional background is in design, digital media and sales, so is well-rounded when it comes to understanding how to approach your needs laterally and creatively. Melinda has a very natural ability to connect with people, she is friendly, approachable, dedicated and loves to learn about your business so she can best represent you online.  We love having Melinda on our team.  Whilst she is a relatively new member, she brings a lot of insight, hard work and creative thought process into our business that we really value.



Jack has recently commenced training in our SEO Department. He is currently studying a Bachelor of Actuarial Studies at university, after great results in high school. Jack has a passion for mathematics and learning new things. He is analytical, logical and responsible. Jack is looking forward to developing his digital marketing skills to help businesses achieve their goals.



Tamar has just started training in our SEO department. She has just begun studying a Bachelor of Media, majoring in Public Relations and Social Media with added Marketing units at university after graduating high school with great success in 2017.  She is hardworking, organised, responsible and very driven to achieve no matter what she does.

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