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Meet Our Team

We would like you to get to know our team, because what we do is only one component. We are passionate about what we do and that is who we are…

James Parnwell - Managing Director

James Parnwell

Managing Director

James is the founder and Managing Director of TheOnlineCo. 11 years ago, James decided to use his business background and degree in Marketing to hit the digital world of online marketing.  From that time, his strengths of being a strategic and forward thinker have been used across all aspects of our business as well as our client’s business’.  With a natural creative flair and bent for relationship, James pursues integrity and all things true and honest!

Outside of TheOnlineCo. James loves to cook, especially anything over a fire, loves to camp, read and spend time with the family

April Parnwell - Operations Manager

April Parnwell

General Manager

April is the General Manager of TheOnlineCo. April brings to the table many years of experience working with people.  Whether it be with our clients or with our staff, April likes to be connected.  The other side of April’s position involves working on the workflows and systems of the business as well as HR.

Outside of TheOnlineCo. April loves to spend time with people, loves singing, camping, the beach, holidaying anywhere family is and walking the pooches.

Heidi Jones - SEM Team Leader

Heidi Jones

SEM Team Leader

Heidi has been a SEM specialist for TheOnlineCo for 10 years.  Heidi is certified across all areas of Adwords and has great capacity to massage the workings of campaigns so that they hum and sing.  She manages a team of specialists to get the greatest ROI for our clients.

Outside of TheOnlineCo. Heidi loves to bake yummy treats, sing, dance, play guitar and drums (terribly) and enjoy some fresh air taking walks with the family.

Rich Brown - SEO Manager

Rich Brown

SEO Manager

Rich has 20 years of experience in web development that has led him on a journey to becoming a highly skilled SEO Manager.  With a love of learning how to make things work and an inquisitive nature Rich has a great ability to implement SEO strategies to a bigger picture to getting our clients ranking for the designated keywords.  He is thorough, methodical and skilled.

Outside of TheOnlineCo. Rich is an avid songwriter and guitarist. He was also a baker in his previous life.

Christie McDougall - Social Team PPC Leader

Christie McDougall

Digital Strategy Manager

Christie looks after premiere playbook process. Although she is most skilled in Social Media and PPC and helped TheOnlineCo. achieved Facebook Marketing Partner status, she has a comprehensive and thorough knowledge of marketing in a digital world. She uses her talents in strategy and planning to help clients understand exactly how to grow their business online and have all their marketing efforts pulling together in a collaborative effort, thereby achieving scale and cost efficiencies.

Outside of TheOnlineCo. Christie loves to potter around in the garden, bake with the kids, up-cycle and build furniture, go on walks, read, watch movies and hang out with friends and family.

Joni Leimgruber - Social Team Content Leader

Joni Leimgruber

Social Team Content Leader

Joni is a highly skilled content creator who is passionate about all things that are wordy. She loves telling brand and client stories through well-crafted blog posts, email updates and creating engaging social content.  She is intelligent, approachable and willing to help you however she can, to get your brand’s story communicated to customers and clients.

Outside of TheOnlineCo. she is a lover of coffee and crafty things and is in the process of writing her own book – which we think is really cool.

Meet Our Team

Jessica Colusso

Sales and Marketing Manager

Jess is our Sales and Marketing Manager. Beginning her career with one of Australia’s largest magazine publishers was a great launch pad into the world of marketing. From there she has had various roles in sales and marketing and over the last 5 years has specialised in digital strategy and social media. Jess loves helping businesses navigate the digital marketing landscape in order to achieve their marketing and business objectives.

Outside of TheOnlineCo. Outside of TheOnlineCo. Jess loves spending time with her family and friends and getting up to all sorts of fun things like snowboarding, mountain bike riding, camping and surfing. She also loves a good book!

Meet Our Team

Deanna Szczygiel

Graphic Designer

Deanna is one of our Junior Graphic Designers who help create visuals for online and social media campaigns. She is currently completing a Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication) at university. Deanna’s passion for graphic arts fuels her motivation and dedication to achieve set goals.

Outside of TheOnlineCo. Deanna loves day trips and travelling, cuddling up to her dogs whilst binge-watching Netflix, and spending time with family and friends.

Meet Our Team

Ella Murtagh

Graphic Designer

Ella is one of our Junior Graphic Designers who help to create images for our Social Media Campaigns.  Ella is working part-time with us as she is studying Graphic Design at University.

Outside of TheOnlineCo. Ella loves to take photos, listen to music, go for walks, nerd out about TV and movies (especially if they contain superheroes), spend time with her cats and dogs, research local and family history, and volunteer at museums.

Tamar Selwood - SEO Specialist

Tamar Selwood

SEO Specialist

Tamar has been working in our SEO department for a few years. She is completing studying a Bachelor of Media, majoring in Public Relations and Social Media with added Marketing units at university after graduating high school with great success in 2017.  She is hardworking, organised, responsible and very driven to achieve no matter what she does.  Tamar is now an accomplished SEO Team member who has a lot of experience in not only doing the tasks but also client management.

Outside of TheOnlineCo. Tamar enjoys playing piano, drinking copious amounts of coffee, long road trips and (enthusiastically) supporting her favourite AFL team.

Josiah Davies - Social Media Specialist

Josiah Davies

Social Media Specialist

Josiah has been working with us as a Social Media Specialist for a few years. He is passionate about helping others and seeing all campaigns / schedules he works on done to best practice. Josiah is organised, punctual, diligent, and has a gift in communication and strategy which is really helpful in this field of work.

Outside of TheOnlineCo. Josiah loves to spend time with friends and family, play guitar and sing, create and listen to music, watch good movies, and go on adventures.

Meet Our Team

Georgia Parnwell

Administrative Assistant

Georgia is our Administrative Assistant here at TheOnlineCo. She diligently works at supporting the team administratively. Her love of organising and planning helps her complete each task with positivity, to ensure that everyone has what they need. She is currently studying a Diploma of Business which will add to her skill set and support TheOnlineCo better.

Outside of TheOnlineCo. Georgia loves to go to the local cafe, spend quality time with family and friends, sing and write songs and of course, enjoy a solid TV show.

Meet Our Team

June Murtagh

SEO Content Specialist

Armed with a background in publishing and media, she utilises her way with words to create engaging and exciting content for a wide range of audiences. June is passionate about meeting and collaborating with new people and is excited to be working with a broad number of clients.

Outside of TheOnlineCo. June enjoys painting, getting out into nature, listening to a good true crime podcast and nerding out over spooky old buildings and historical sites.

Meet Our Team

Kelista Puddle

Content Writer

Kelista fits wonderfully into TheOnlineCo team.  From writing content schedules, email campaigns, blogs for websites, LinkedIn schedules, Kelista knows how to source relevant information to get great engagement.

Outside of TheOnlineCo. Kelista loves to read ridiculously long novels, sing and listen to music, drink copious amounts of tea, go on walks with the dog, watch movies and take drives to picturesque places.

Meet Our Team

Clare Bruce

Content Creator

Having spent over 20 years in journalism, radio and digital media, Clare is a story-telling specialist. She loves using words, images, audio and video to craft beautiful digital content, that cuts through the noise and delivers a clear, compelling message. Years of interviewing means she is gifted at chatting to clients, finding the gold in their stories, and making them shine.

Outside of TheOnlineCo, Clare loves taking photos of nature, finding treasures at the op-shop, jamming on her keyboard, and eating things that contain chocolate.

Meet Our Team

John Davis

SEM Specialist

John Davis is a skilled SEM Specialist that is driven by his passion to expand the imprint of local businesses in their communities, and utilises his certifications in Adwords along with years of experience in SEM to do so. John loves strategising and innovating to execute campaigns that achieve the specific goals of TheOnlineCo’s clients while maintaining the authenticity and integrity of the business.

Outside of TheOnlineCo. John loves to write music, go on weekend adventures with his wife Anastasia, and being active.

Jasmine Green - Social Media Strategist

Jasmine Green

Social Media Strategist

Jasmine’s speciality is getting eyeballs and interaction for your brand, particularly through engaging visuals and creative storytelling. With over a decade working in fortune 500 and bluechip companies as the go-to communications guru, her priority is to see an increase in our clients’ bottom line through strategic marketing and communications.

Outside of TheOnlineCo. she runs a creative passion project business for fun, hosts drool-worthy Sunday Roast Clubs for friends during summer months, gets click-happy taking lifestyle photography, and will never turn down an opportunity to eat authentic Italian cuisine.

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