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Are Facebook Ads worth it? Yes They Are!

If you’re asking – are Facebook Ads worth it? – then you’re in the right place. We see amazing results with our Facebook Ad campaigns but it isn’t as simple as it may seem. Here’s a quick overview of Facebook Ads.

What Are Facebook Ads?

When a business pays for a post to appear in a person’s news feed, irrespective of whether they follow the page, that is called a Facebook Ad, or PPC (Pay Per Click). These posts feature a small ‘Sponsored’ banner. If you’ve been asking ‘do Facebook Ads work?’ and are new to all of this, check out our beginner’s guide to Facebook PPC.

Why Are Facebook Ads Worth It?

Facebook is the only platform enabling advertisers to speak to specific target markets, right down to their favourite music band. Are Facebook Ads effective? Yes – because Facebook tracks user activity, putting together a bit of a DNA for each person. This information is endlessly useful as a marketer and by using Facebook Ads, you’re tapping into this valuable resource. Read more about Facebook targeting for businesses here.

Organic reach is in decline at the moment, which means businesses are finding that Facebook Ads are more effective than simply relying on organic posts, as used to be the case. To enable potential customers to find your business, you will need to use Facebook Ads. By creating great content, and targeting your Ads to the right people, you’ll stand out from the competition. Additionally, Facebook Ads are generally cheaper than other social media platforms (eg. Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter)!

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How Do I Determine If Facebook Ads Work for My Brand?

The sole objective of any business is to effectively use the available resources to maximize profits. Why should you drain your bank only to gain a non-realistic profit? Why even give them a go, if you’re still wondering, are Facebook Ads effective? Did you know that you can spend as low as $1 a day and get amazing results out of it? It’s definitely worth a try!

Nevertheless, because of the technicality of Facebook Ads, businesses often choose to get help with their PPC campaign (we’re happy to help, should you decide to go down this route!

Facebook has multiple types of bids available. This gives you a wide variety to choose from depending on your marketing needs. The four types of bids available are:

Cost per click

This kind of bidding allows you to choose the number of bids per click. When you want more users to click on your Ad, you should choose the maximum bid per click.

Optimized cost per mile

With this type of bidding, Facebook will show your Ad to the audiences that are most likely to act on your Ad.

Cost per mile

is aimed at increasing the awareness of your product. More people will see your Ad and are more likely act on it.

Cost per action

this allows you to encourage users to do a specific task on your Ad upon seeing it.

To get the best results out of your Ad campaign, it is important that you choose the best option, matching your budget and yielding great results.

Are Facebook Ads worth it? If you’re asking this, you’re not alone. The good news is – yes, Facebook Ads are worth it! We’ll break it down for you here and if you ever need help with your campaign, our team is here to help. Call us anytime to discuss your PPC and Facebook Ad needs.

Are Facebook Ads Worth It?

Yes, Facebook Ads definitely are worth it because of how inexpensive they are compared to other platforms like LinkedIn for example, there’s also a heap of useful features, and different objectives, all helping you get the most out of your Facebook Ad campaign.

Facebook Ads are a very effective way to drive high quality leads to your business and add value to your brand in some way. There are many different objectives of Facebook Ad campaigns and they can be tailored to your goals to help you achieve them. Facebook Ads are often more profitable than other advertising platforms.

If your goal is to generate new leads, convert more customers and reach a wider audience, Facebook Ads are your best option. 2.74 billion people are using Facebook every month which means PPC is a powerful tool, bringing you access to the largest market in the world.

Are facebook ads worth it?

Are Facebook Ads Effective? Yes. Here’s Proof.

Here are the cold, hard numbers:

93% of our eCommerce clients see increase on their return on spend.

There’s nothing quite like seeing real results from real campaigns. Here’s some data from some of our client campaigns:

CABOOSH – before and after school care provider

34 leads in 9 month campaign
Spent $4,500
Avg CPR = $130
Reach = 30,782

A converted lead is worth $3,500 per year to them and they have a 65% conversion rate. This equates to 22 leads converted.

22 converted leads x $3,500 = $77000 revenue generated

Most clients are interested in Return on Investment (ROI) as it’s a common measure of success when deciding whether the time and money invested into an endeavour is worth it. The basic ROI for this client was over 1500% which is massive.

In this case, it was a huge win for the client and additionally, the 30,000+ people reached through the brand awareness of the campaign will have long lasting impacts as the client continues to run their ads.

AURORA WEALTH – financial planning

Spent $4,700
Avg CPR = $58.89
Reach = 53,907

In this industry, new clients are worth around $3000+/year.

At a 4% conversion rate, this client would gain 4 new customers

4 converted leads x $3,000 = $12,000 revenue generated

This is not a leads campaign but a good result which might be worth mentioning.

Financial planning is difficult and saturated market. There are very complicated issues around trust which is understandable considering you’re dealing with people’s hard-earned cash, and in the case of retirement planning their future.

This client was particularly great at creating helpful videos that were not overly curated and in fact filmed on his phone. Whilst some may think this unprofessional, it actually worked well for this client as he was able to build rapport with the viewers and eventually trust. Videos work particularly well, when placed correctly.

This campaign is a great example of how good organic content works hand in hand with good paid ads to get leads and solid clients.

ZEDU – healthcare training provider

Traffic campaign – paying to have people visit a specific page of the website from a Facebook Ad
Time: Feb 2021 to current
Reach: 99,939 (the number of people who saw the ad)
Impressions: 372,225 (the number of times the ad was on screen)
Frequency: 3.72 (the number of times each person saw the ad)
Results: 7,781 landing page views
Avg CPR: $0.47 (Average cost per result)
CTR: 6.28% (click through rate)

Healthcare is a big industry but in the case of this client, their offering is quite niche and the service offered is often affected by the client’s availability and professional development requirements. What this in turn means is that it can sometimes take months from a client first seeing an ad to when they are ready to purchase. This makes Facebook an excellent platform to build brand awareness and begin the client’s journey through engagement and getting them familiar with the client’s offerings.

We run this campaign in conjunction with Google Ads and SEO and whilst attribution is difficult to quantify (a common problem for marketers), we have seen the number of conversions increase by 180% and goal completions (click to call, lead form submission on website etc) increase by 75%. The Google My Business listing has also seen a 10% increase in website visits and a 110% increase in phone calls.

Often, especially in the case of Google My Business, it only shows if the potential client types the name of the business into Google (or a very specific keyword) and with a name like Zedu you would have to have some form of awareness about this brand first – it’s not a typical or familiar name brand. Whilst we cannot quantify exactly how many people saw the brand on FB first and then Googled them when they were ready to purchase, we can say with confidence that the FB ads have greatly supported both the SEO and Google Ads results.

This is a prime example of all services working together successfully to achieve a common goal.

Are Facebook Ads Worth It?

The above examples aren’t anything out of the ordinary. While the CPC (cost per conversion) might be lower, the quality of leads is higher, as long as your campaign has been set up correctly, making Facebook Ads a more profitable option than most other advertising platforms. We often see result like these for our clients. If you’re still wondering if Facebook Ads are worth it, hopefully this will help you see that they really are! It really is worth even giving it a try, due to the low CPC. A small spend at the beginning, to test the waters is how some of our most profitable campaigns have started out!

When figuring out whether Facebook Ads are the right option for your campaign, it’s important to look at profitability rather than just the cost.

If it’s something you’re considering, contact us and we’ll review your campaign and let you know whether we think Facebook Ads would be a good option for you.

How Do I get started with Facebook Ads?

Basically, you want your Facebook Ads campaign to find potential customers and give them what they want – AKA your product or service!

Interested in giving Facebook Ads a try on your own? We have everything you need to help you get started:

How to find the perfect audience

How to decide which Facebook post to promote

How to choose the right Facebook objective

How to optimise images for Facebook Ads:

Check out our beginners guide to PPC (Facebook Ads)

Creating a Facebook Ads campaign is a process. Running a successful campaign involves a lot of trial and error, until everything is just right.

If you have trouble or you’d like to get the professionals onto it,
of course we are here to help!

Contact us and we’ll get our PPC pros onto it.

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Heidi Cridland
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