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Heidi Cridland

Heidi Cridland

How to Create a Successful Google Ads Campaign

The most essential key to success in Google Ads is simply this: Know what people are searching for online. Knowing this one key factor can help you to develop the perfect campaign strategy and highly relevant Ads.

Here are four ways to head in the right direction.

1. Find what people are searching for online

Find a keyword planner tool and use it to your best advantage. These tools allow you to search for specific words and phrases your customers will use to search for your product/service and tells you how often they search for them. Once you have identified the data that is relevant to your business you will be able to tailor your campaign to specific keyword searches. This helps you to not only streamline your marketing strategy but also improves your chances of appearing at the top of search engines for specific search terms.

2. Understand the importance of keyword research

How to Create a Successful Google Ads Campaign

Keyword research is vital for an effective Google Ads search campaign. It allows you to discover three important aspects.

  • which keywords people are searching
  • how often they are being searched
  • how much you and your competitors could be paying for each keyword

To build an effective Google Ads campaign you need to:

  • Discover which search terms and keywords people are using to find your website.
  • Create effective content that is reaching customers using those search terms and keywords.
  • Identify areas where content is missing along with opportunities to attract further traffic to your website.
  • Determine your ad spend based on how many clicks you can expect to get per keyword for your budget.
  • Find variations of keywords that could increase ROI – you can see if there are related search terms and alternatives of those you hadn’t considered.

3. Know how to choose the right keywords for you

This is where we come back to those tools we mentioned earlier. Google has a keyword planning tool and a tool called Google Trends that can help with this. Using tools like this allow you to better understand customer intent and discover keywords that will maximise your Ad spend.

To find the right keywords, look at these terms:

  • Brand terms – Keywords including your brand name
  • Generic terms – General keywords related to your product or service
  • Related terms – Keywords that are indirectly related to your product or service

 4. I have my keywords, what now?

When you’ve defined your keywords list the next thing is to incorporate that research into creating your Ads.

Think about your customers’ intent and needs while creating an engaging campaign that will reach people with relevant keywords. Being relevant to your potential customers while using effective messaging will help you achieve a wide reach and stand out on the result pages.

Helping your customers find you at exactly the right stage in their search is the purpose of well-chosen keywords. Knowing what people are searching for online and using the data to your best advantage will help your Google Ads achieve the highest reach for your business.

For more information on our Google Ads services, contact our friendly team at TheOnlineCo. today on 1300 651 527!

Heidi Cridland
Heidi Cridland
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