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Heidi Cridland

Heidi Cridland

How to make your Google Ads look bigger 

Marketing your brand via Google Ads? Wondering why we’d show you how to make them bigger? Well, there’s only a certain amount of real estate on the search results page – and you want to be using a healthy chunk of this.

The bigger your ad, the greater the chance you’ll get clicks – which is, after all, the ultimate goal of Google Ad campaigns! And if you’re getting more clicks than your competitors, you’re going to get a better quality score, which means that your clicks will be cheaper.

Here are four extensions you can use, to help increase the size of your Google Ads: 

  1. Site link extensions – These are linked to other parts of the website. The main headline will go to your landing page on the site and you can point out some other parts of the site which might be interesting. Will they get a lot of clicks? Maybe, maybe not. But if they make the ad bigger and get more clicks to the headline, that’s a good thing. 
  2. Call out extensions – You can use this to add phrases like ‘Free Shipping’, ‘Great Service’ and ‘Sale On Now’. Whatever you want to add, put the phrase in little snippets to call out what it is you’re doing. 
  3. Phone number extension – This enables to you include your phone number, automatically increasing the size of the ad. This is particularly useful with mobile numbers because they can be hyperlinked, making it even easier for people to call you. 
  4. Location extension – If you have a physical location, you can register it with Google My Business and add it to your Google Ad. This way, people will know where you are.  

All of these extensions help people contact you more easily – as well as increasing the size of your ad. It’s all part of a recipe for making your Google Ads work really effectively.  

Heidi Cridland
Heidi Cridland
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