Heidi Cridland

Heidi Cridland

Four leads you need to get from Google Ads

When you’re working with Google Ads, you need to know how many leads you’re getting and how much they cost, as well as what type they are.

There are four types of leads you need to be getting from your Google Ad campaign.

  1. Form Filled or Contact Form Filled. This means someone has gone to your website, filled in a form and sent it through to you.
  2. Phone Call Through an Ad. This is where someone has potentially been on a mobile phone and they’ve seen your ad but they haven’t clicked through to your website. They’ve called directly from your ad.
  3. Manual Phone Call. This is when someone comes to your website, finds your contact details and dials your number. This could happen via phone or PC.
  4. Click to Call. In this case, they’ve come to your website on a mobile. If your phone number is hyperlinked, they’re able to simply click on your phone number. This opens a ‘do you want to call?’ option and once they press ‘call’, the phone call goes through. There is a slight gap here, in that Google Ads will record that they have clicked on your phone number but it won’t record whether they ended up going through with the call. There is a possible drop off rate here of around 20%.

Once you know what types of leads are working best, you can prioritise them in Google Ads.

If you’d like us to help you with your Google Ads campaign, feel free to contact us anytime.

Heidi Cridland
Heidi Cridland
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