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Not All Keywords are Equal

Keywords can become complex very quickly. So here's our simple guide. It's really important to get your keywords right, otherwise you might waste a lot of time and money... Here are the 4 match types:…

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Paying too much for Google Ads?

Are you paying too much for Google Ads? We're often asked about how much people may expect to pay for Google Ads. They're often unsure how much they're already paying their agency for management vs…

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Social Media Spring Clean – Ding Dang Doo

When we chatted with Carla from Ding Dang Doo, we were excited about all the marketing options available for this gorgeous boutique accommodation venue to explore. Having featured on The Bachelorette, they've been very busy,…

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How Often Should I Be Posting to Facebook?

We're often asked what the magic number is. The answer is - it depends! In order to answer this question, we will frame it by saying that you need to be posting regularly enough that you’re…

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Do I Need to Pay to get Facebook to Work? 

Is organic posting on facebook enough? We're asked this question all the time. About 7 years ago, James was having a chat with a Facebook employee. He said that in 2012, only about 17% of Facebook followers…

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11 Steps To Making The Most Of Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is rapidly becoming THE place to be making connections and fostering relationships in the business community. It is a platform designed for meeting people within your specific business demographic and reaching out to others…

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Social Media Spring Clean – Linda Habak Design

Linda from interior design company Linda Habak Design approached us recently, for a Social Media Spring Clean. Though she was working on some exciting projects and opportunities, Linda was struggling to find a flow and needed…

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Social Media Spring Clean – All Aspect Rentals

Donna from short term rental accommodation company All Aspect Rentals approached us recently, for a Social Media Spring Clean. Frustrated by a lack of leads, her ultimate Social Media marketing goal was to gain repeat…

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3 things you should be posting to Facebook (but probably aren’t)

We need to understand why people are on Facebook in the first place. I can guarantee they’re not on there to find a new house, new clothes or a financial planner. They're not on there…

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Social Media Calendars. What's All The Fuss?

Social Media Calendars. What’s All The Fuss?

Why bother creating a social media calendar? Can't I just post whenever I feel like it? The answer is yes - and no. Creating a social media calendar allows you to ensure you're covering a…

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