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Canva – How easy is it really?

At the TheOnlineCo. we spend a lot of time creating graphics with the perfect branding, (logos, colours, and fonts) to ensure that the content we use for our clients is absolutely right. Canva is a…

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What Facebook Post Should I Promote?

What Facebook Post Should I Promote?

We often hear this question: “I’ve promoted my post on Facebook – why isn’t it performing well?” Many people assume that if one of their Facebook posts isn’t doing well, that if they promote it, this will improve its performance.…

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Understanding SEO (the basics) – Our Workshop in a Blog

You have most likely heard of SEO or Search Engine Optimisation. In its simplest format, SEO is helping you to be seen on Google results pages. It's really not that simple, however. Google is very…

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Five Steps to Creating a Keyword Map – SEO

You know what keywords are of course. They are the words you most want Google to see when it crawls your article, blog, or landing page. Words that will rank your page for users to…

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Facebook PPC Made Easy

Beginners Guide to Facebook PPC

Social media marketing put simply, is finding potential customers and giving them what they want, in a social context, which helps educate them about your product or service, thus encouraging them to investigate further. This…

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11 Essential Ingredients to a Website Home Page

You've done it yourself - visited the website of a company you are looking to do business with and after only a few seconds you’re thinking, “Mmmm, definitely not what I was looking for. This just doesn’t ‘feel’ right.” Perhaps…

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Marketing Works Best When We Work As A Team.

Marketing Manager Vs Marketing Agency – What’s best?

Successful small business owners work long hours. Often they’re unable to spend much time with friends and family – and they push hard to establish their brand and network connections.  You may have had the thought, “Marketing, what marketing? There just…

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Keyword Cannibalisation – What is it and does it affect your page rankings?

There are a lot of misconceptions about keyword cannibalisation. Some SEOs claim that it doesn’t exist which only adds to the confusion and creates more myths. In reality keyword cannibalisation is an issue for many websites and it CAN hold back…

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Instagram Is Essential For Your Business.

Instagram Posting Made Easy – Part Two

You've made it to Part Two of our Instagram made easy series - congratulations! By now, you should have set up your business account for Instagram. Hopefully, you've worked out the look you want and…

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Vintage Papers And Photos

Instagram Posting Made Easy – Part One

Social media marketing put simply, is finding potential customers and giving them what they want in a social context. This helps educate them about your product or service, encouraging them to investigate further. Great marketing…

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How to Create a Successful Google Ads Campaign

The most essential key to success in Google Ads is simply this: Know what people are searching for online. Knowing this one key factor can help you to develop the perfect campaign strategy and highly relevant Ads. Here…

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SEO For YouTube

Your Guide to SEO for YouTube

Let's be honest. Building a presence on YouTube can seem overwhelming. YouTube has become an incredibly popular platform and there are a few individuals and businesses that seem to dominate. Nevertheless, it’s important to remember…

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