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3 ways to know if your social media is working 

The Marketing Funnel is over 100 years old. The fact that it’s still being used by marketers all over the world, is proof of its effectiveness.  

Here’s how the Marketing Funnel works. Basically, people come to know you in three stage. The first stage is when they become aware of you. Prior to that, they’re not aware of you at all, so you’ll need to do something to introduce them to your products / services / brand. The next step happens once they’re aware of you and they are considering doing business with you. The third and final step is when they contact you and are ready to do business with you  

In social media, these three steps are measured carefully, to assess the success of a campaign. The first thing we measure is awareness. We do this by asking How many people saw your posts or your content? The second thing we measure is engagement. How many people liked, commented, shared, tagged, visited your page, watched a video, came to your website? Thirdly, we measure how many leads have come through. 

Measure these three things and you’ll begin to see people coming down into the funnel, gradually getting to know you, your service, product and brand as you continue to reach out to them through a carefully curated, targeted social media campaign. 

Be careful not to ignore the process of the Marketing Funnel. If you focus wholly on leads, you may forget that people are coming toward you step by step – a vital part of the sales process.  

If you’d like help creating a social media campaign which guides potential customers through the Marketing Funnel, send us a quick message and we’ll be in touch. 


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