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One80tc are a drug and alcohol rehabilitation that have been working in Sydney for over 50 years. They approached us to help them straighten out their messaging and help them communicate in a clear and compelling way. We did a complete Messology Workshop for them. This was a particularly gratifying project for us, firstly because one80tc do incredible work in people’s lives and secondly because the task of simplifying their message was particularly complex. They essentially have 3 target audiences, the ‘student’ themselves who need help with their life controlling issues, the family of the ‘student’ who are crucial in getting their loved one into rehab and the donator who is vital in raising funds to pay for the rehabilitation process. Throughout the 3 hour Messology process we dived deep into the services one80tc provide and the external, internal and philosophical problems every family goes through in engaging a rehab facility. The result was a surprisingly clear and compelling message and a digital transformation. I’ll let Mark Hill, CEO and Corri Byrne tell you about how the process worked for them, watch the videos to see what they think…


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