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Social Media Spring Clean – Ding Dang Doo

When we chatted with Carla from Ding Dang Doo, we were excited about all the marketing options available for this gorgeous boutique accommodation venue to explore. Having featured on The Bachelorette, they’ve been very busy, with young couples from the city relishing the opportunity to enjoy a weekend in the country. The Bilpin business was struggling to find mid-week bookings so Carla contacted us and we brainstormed some ideas. Here are some of the suggestions we gave Carla regarding Ding Dang Doo’s social media.



You’re obviously already working very hard on your Instagram page and it’s looking fantastic. This is where you’re able to speak to your younger target market which is made up of mostly females, aged 25-35 and living in Sydney. These people are generally interested in romantic weekends away. We would love to see any content you can gather, featuring the Bachelorette being filmed on the property this year. I’d encourage you to get as much of this from the producers as you possibly can 😊.

Some Instagram ads would be a fantastic idea, especially if you’d like to create a special 2-night romantic getaway package and promote this.

Also, take a look at all the images posted by others, which have brought you new followers and bookings. Write down all the hashtags they’ve used. There’s your gold!



This is the perfect place for you to communicate with older people, eg. ‘grey nomads’ who enjoy taking road trips and are more likely to make mid-week accommodation bookings. Due to a shortage of time – and the fact that your Instagram content is fantastic – my advice to you is to simply click the ‘post to Facebook’ button, whenever you’re posting to Instagram. This isn’t ideal, because it means identical content will be on Facebook and Instagram (it’s always better to create specific content for each target market) but it’s a good start.

You can also join some groups where there are grey nomads, talking about their road-tripping adventures, and tastefully join the conversation, sharing about your beautiful property and hampers and all the different things they might enjoy doing in Bilpin and surrounds. Be careful to always read the group rules though and to abide by these 😊.

Some Facebook ads would also be fantastic in this case. You could create a special 2-night midweek getaway special and promote this to ‘grey nomads’.

We can’t wait see more of Carla’s work on the Ding Dang Doo social media channels, with more people able to see their content, creating more leads and giving more clients a lovely experience at their property. 

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