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Christie McDougall

Christie McDougall

64% of people purchase products after watching marketing videos on Facebook

This week, video company Animoto released its “The State of Social Video 2017: Marketing in a Video-First World” report, and one of the key things for businesses to take away is that they should focus on social media and mobile in their video marketing strategies.

In the report it stated that 84% of consumers reported watching social video content on mobile devices, and 64% made a purchase after watching a marketing video on Facebook in the past month.

Video has become an integral part of content marketing and digital advertising. As a result, marketers have to learn to “speak video fluently” in order to connect with consumers on social media, said Brad Jefferson, CEO of Animoto, in the press release.

Facebook and YouTube were the top two platforms cited by marketers or businesses in the Animoto report across a range of criteria including views, purchases, engagement, and both current and future investment for marketing video.

On the consumer side, Facebook and YouTube also led the engagement category. However, when it came to actually watching videos daily, Facebook made a sweep of the entire report in the top spot. Instagram Stories took the second spot followed by Snapchat with YouTube in fourth place.

One interesting finding from the report was the popularity of live video. Even though live streaming video on social media is a relatively new feature, 47.8% of consumers reported preferring live video compared to 52.2% for pre-recorded video. Its a close result, but one definitely worth noting.

Ok, so what does that mean for business owners? Not everyone has a huge budget for video production, but don’t worry that doesn’t preclude you from playing the game. Here are some quick tips to help:

  • Use videos you may already have – chances are that at some point many companies have had videos made, even animated ones, all they need to do is make them social media friendly (we’ve listed how to do this a bit further on).
  • The video quality of devices like iPhones these days is amazing, and there are heaps of tutorials around on how to use them effectively for this purpose. The popularity of the live videos is that they are ‘real’ – not overproduced, so don’t be afraid to give it a go. It’s about giving people the opportunity to get to know your company and your products on a real and relatable level.
  • With websites like fiverr anyone can get a product video made. This is for videos like animations or hand drawn illustrations, which highlight your product’s features and how they make the purchaser’s life better or easier. Be sure to write a great script for these though, as the copy is the key to the sale

NOTE: you need to make your videos ‘social media friendly’ by ensuring the following:

  • Add subtitles, as videos autoplay without sound. This means that when you scroll over a video it will automatically begin playing, however it will do so without sound. Users can choose to either keep scrolling, click on the video to enable sound, or continue to watch in silence. Keeping a viewer’s attention will be greatly improved if they can see a little more of what your video is about by reading the subtitles.
  • A lot of videos (especially corporate ones) have 2-5 seconds of a black screen a the beginning or a logo being shown etc. By this time you’ve lost your audience already. To combat this, videos should start with their content immediately, with no need to ‘ease the viewer in’. There are only 1-3 seconds to catch them before they move on, so make those seconds count.
  • Add a call at the end to share your video or promote a link to your website.



Christie McDougall
Christie McDougall

Christie is our Digital Strategy manager and looks after our playbook process. Although she is most skilled in Social Media and PPC and helped TheOnlineCo. achieved Facebook Marketing Partner status, she has a comprehensive and thorough knowledge of marketing in a digital world. She uses her talents in strategy and planning to help clients understand exactly how to grow their business online and have all their marketing efforts pulling together in a collaborative effort, thereby achieving scale and cost efficiencies.

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