Christie McDougall

Christie McDougall

Do #Hashtags Actually Work?

Many people believe that hashtags are just a fad, something for the younger generations to throw around in their day-to-day lingo. However, when used correctly, hashtags have the power to completely transform engagement on a post, and can be an invaluable component of marketing. Here’s why…

For those who don’t know, hashtags are a word or phrase preceded by a hash sign (#), used on social media websites and applications to turn the term you want into a searchable link. Hashtags can be used on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and even Google. They help people track discussions and posts relating to a particular theme or topic. Hashtags can also help people find information on trending events and news. For example, if you’re an 18 year old girl who loves Justin Bieber all you need to do is type in #JustinBieber on Instagram and you can browse a range of posts relating to him.

Why would people use hashtags?

We are hardwired to desire connection and community, and one of the joys of social media is that you can find a group of like-minded individuals (regardless of geographic location) by searching a relevant hashtag. It helps people bond over topics they love and brings people closer as it brings validation that they are not alone in how they think or feel about a certain topic. Hashtags can also give people an option to rally behind a good cause and make them feel like they’re making a difference. Like the #StayAtHome hashtag with over 15 million posts encouraging people to practise social distancing during COVID-19.

How does this relate to marketing?

The great thing about hashtags is that they are FREE! It makes it easier for brands to be discovered by people who are already sharing an interest. For example, if you are selling shoes you could use #Nike (over 100 million posts) or #Adidas (over 65.2 million posts) to guide some traffic to your posts.

Still not convinced?

According to an article by 9Clouds titled “Are Hashtags Still #Relevant for Your Digital Ad Content in 2020?”, including hashtags in your posts on social media is arguably more relevant today than it was three years ago! This is great news because if used well, your business’ engagement can skyrocket.

Christie McDougall
Christie McDougall

Christie is our Digital Strategy manager and looks after our playbook process. Although she is most skilled in Social Media and PPC and helped TheOnlineCo. achieved Facebook Marketing Partner status, she has a comprehensive and thorough knowledge of marketing in a digital world. She uses her talents in strategy and planning to help clients understand exactly how to grow their business online and have all their marketing efforts pulling together in a collaborative effort, thereby achieving scale and cost efficiencies.

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