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Social Media Spring Clean – All Aspect Rentals

Donna from short term rental accommodation company All Aspect Rentals approached us recently, for a Social Media Spring Clean.

Frustrated by a lack of leads, her ultimate Social Media marketing goal was to gain repeat customers and get some great referrals through her Social Media channels. Donna received leads via word of mouth and sites like Airbnb but needed to find better quality leads – and more of them.

Without a Facebook page, she was missing out on a huge chunk of the market. And her LinkedIn profile contained a wealth of potential leads, but they weren’t being nurtured.

We suggested she add Facebook and some LinkedIn Sales Navigator marketing…


It’s really important to have an All Aspect Rentals Facebook page, so clients can follow along for updates and leave reviews as well. It will also be a source of leads for family bookings and others seeking one-off accommodation.

Right now, this entire market space is missing out on knowing about All Aspect Rentals. This needs to be fixed right away.

Once the page has been set up, you can schedule a simple campaign in the back end of Facebook, posting links to the different properties as well as the feedback you receive from clients once or twice a week.

There are a lot of Facebook groups you can join, where people are actively looking for short term accommodation. You can post there regularly, about your different properties. You can also search for terms such as “short term accommodation in Penrith”, “three-month lease Nepean” etc and join any conversations happening around these.

Here are some groups to get you started:

There are more groups like this – you’d just need to do your research.

Keep an eye out for groups related to families, single parents etc. as well, in case people need short term accommodation post-separation.

You can also look through your client database and invite all current and past clients to like the page. And then you can use this information to also connect with them and others like them, on LinkedIn.

The key to making this work is consistency. It can be time-consuming but with consistency and perseverance, you’ll eventually find that you’re building a reputation for All Aspect online and that people will start coming to you. If you’re able to delegate some time to this a couple of times a week, you’ll see some great traction here.

If you need help getting this off the ground, let me know.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

This is where you’ll be able to get some really good business-to-business leads. You already have a wealth of potential leads connected in with your LinkedIn profile – but they need to be properly and deliberately nurtured. My recommendation is that you set up a LinkedIn Sales Navigator (LISN) campaign and send 200-300 invitations out per month, to people who are in specific industries. Then once a week, gather the contact details of those who’ve accepted the invitation and contact them personally, off LinkedIn.

Industries to focus on include:

  • Insurance
  • Social workers
  • Fostering organisations
  • Family lawyers (for referrals)
  • Family mediators (for referrals)
  • Family counsellors (for referrals)

We are looking forward to seeing some fantastic results on this campaign, as Donna puts these tips into action. We will be helping her out with some aspects of these recommendations too so together, we’ll have those leads rolling through in no time!

If you’re interested in having a Social Media Spring Clean of your Social Media, feel free to contact Joni on

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