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Rich Brown

Rich Brown

Marketing is a marathon, not a sprint

Are you distracting your customers, and deterring them from buying what they really want on your site? Pop-ups or providing alternate options can be great, when done well and in moderation. When it’s not done well, this is often the end result…

The reason this video is funny is because it’s so true, and you would be hard-pressed to find someone who hadn’t experienced a webpage similar to this. If your site has too many options, people often either get distracted or they get confused and leave. This is where the beauty of landing pages comes in! Landing pages ask visitors to do one thing or buy one product only. This doesn’t mean you only get to sell to them once, because once you have their details you can:

  • take them on an email journey to nurture them towards a bigger or secondary product
  • send promotional emails with information on sales
  • use their details to build a custom list in facebook for retargeting
  • retarget them with re-targeting ads on the Google Display Network

So don’t think you have to bombard potential customers with all your products the first time they visit, because chances are you will chase them away rather than lure them in. Marketing is often a marathon, not a sprint.

Rich Brown
Rich Brown

Rich is one of the smartest dudes around here – he is our SEO Strategist at TheOnlineCo. He is a learner, he enjoys figuring out how to make things work and is tenacious about getting your SEO sorted. Rich has this ability to implement SEO strategies that help our clients rank for their designated keywords. He is thorough, methodical and highly skilled.

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