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If you are a business of any type – restaurant, lawyer, medical practitioner, mechanic – literally any business in Castle Hill, it is vital that you have a presence on Google (and yes – even Bing)! Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an important factor in helping your business be seen by people searching for the products and/or services you offer.

Building a website is great, but the adage ‘build it and they will come’ doesn’t hold up unless you’ve done some work to optimise your website to target keywords and phrases people are typing (or speaking via their phones) into Google.

For small to medium businesses in Castle Hill, competition to be at the top of the search results is fierce and Google is more and more focused on delivering local results. This means search results are being tailored to people based not only on what they are searching for, but where they are searching from.

As SEO and Digital Marketing experts, TheOnlineCo. can help Castle Hill business owners with the multi-layered job of website and business optimisation to help push their business to the top of the search result pages.

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  • review rating 5  Great people who cut through the jargon and provide realistic, easy to understand strategies to all levels of business. I've dealt with many digital agencies and most try to 'dazzle' you with fancy terminology but little results. The Online Co is first and foremost honest, skilled in the latest online tool and techniques and a true business partner. Their no-nonsense, pragmatic approach is refreshing and translates into tangible results. Cannot recommend highly enough.

    thumb Victoria Wright

    review rating 5  Web traffic and interactions have gone up, it's been such a great journey working with TheOnlineCo, and the results speak for themselves... so much that we have asked them to do more! Easy to work with, friendly and responsive.. I would recommend James and his team to any business who wish to invest wisely in digital marketing.

    thumb Audrey Barucchi

    review rating 5  April and James from TheOnlineCo know their trade. It's been a charm working with them - great communication and outstanding results. They respond timely, are very helpful and are able to explain what they spend their time on in a way that a novice can understand. Thank you for helping us with our SEO work - we look forward continue working with you.

    thumb Adrian Tobisch
  • review rating 5  Amazing personalised service! A digital marketing agency that really cares about their customers. Highly recommended!

    thumb Jovana - Bumper Leads

    review rating 5  James and the team are so easy to work with. They are patient, not pushy on the sale, explain things really well, get back to you on time, stay up to date with the latest trends and feed that information to you to help your business deliver. Above all they do what they say they are going to do and for a really cost effective price. You won't be disappointed with the OnlineCo.

    thumb Michael Jeffrey
Local SEO Company

TheOnlineCo. is based in Western Sydney and we have a 100% local SEO team who are available to easily meet with you in person or remotely via Zoom. We are clear on what we are doing at every step of the process – it’s one of the things that sets us apart from other SEO companies. TheOnlineCo. SEO team are a dedicated, reliable and easy to reach team of experts who provide results for our clients.

Our team leader Rich Brown has been working with SEO since 1999 and has studied under Bruce Clay – one of the top SEO authorities in the world. Our excellent SEO team works hard to stay on top of the latest SEO trends and updates from Google, so we ensure you are receiving the best possible service for your business.

Our SEO Process

When you engage TheOnlineCo. to do SEO for your business, we start off with our ‘SEO Exploration & Setup’ package. This can be a one-off set of tasks we complete for you, but our preferred option is to use the SEO Exploration & Setup as a springboard for us to get everything in place so our team of SEO experts can execute an effective SEO strategy for your business. The work we do in this first month is a great way for you to see how efficiently we work and gives us a chance to show how important your business – and its success – is to us.

SEO Exploration & Setup

Before we start the SEO Exploration & Setup process, we will send you a questionnaire that helps us understand your business better. In the questionnaire we ask: What are your top 3 products / services? What are your top 10 keywords? Who are your top 3 competitors?

We also ask for access to the various systems we will need to complete the SEO setup – Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Search Console, Google Business, Admin access to your website and other areas.


Keyword research is the cornerstone of good SEO. We have a unique and highly effective approach to creating what we call an SEO keyword map. This SEO keyword map is used extensively across nearly every area of the SEO work we do ongoingly. We use the map to determine which keywords to focus on for each page.

The information you provide about your Castle Hill business in the questionnaire will help us determine where to start with our research. We also do a comprehensive review of your web site and make sure we have a good idea as to the main categories your site should be divided up into.

We use a variety of tools to curate a comprehensive list of between 500 – 2000+ keywords that are relevant to your business. Those ‘bulk’ keywords are broken up into sub-categories and organized by Average Monthly Search Volume. This clearly identifies which keywords / phrases are of the highest value. We pass this draft of the keyword back to you for review. Your input helps make sure we have curated the correct set of terms and allows you to point out any gaps in the research.

Included in the keyword map is a tab with what we call ‘Question Keywords’. These are questions people are asking on Google that are related to the products and/or services you are promoting. These questions can be used to help determine blog articles subjects in an ongoing SEO content strategy.

Comprehensive SEO Keyword Map


Most web sites you find across the internet weren’t built with an optimised site structure in mind. A result of a site that doesn’t have an optimized structure is that all of the content is lumped together.

Imagine a jar filled with 3 different colored sets of marbles where all the marbles are mixed together randomly. When Google crawls a site that has a disorganised structure like this, it has a hard time determining what the different categories and topics of that site are. This will have the effect of inefficient and low rankings on Google for your site. The traffic coming to pages on your site will likely have low relevance as well.

By organizing your site into an optimized structure, we move all the marbles into separate jars / move all your related content to sit under what we call Parent / Cornerstone pages. This sends a much clearer message to Google as to what the separate categories / topics of your web site are. The result is that you will get much more relevant traffic to your website. Then, rather than landing on your website and having to click around to find the information they were searching for, that traffic will be taken directly to the page with the answers they seek.

Another important aspect of the site structure review and recommendation is analysis and rebuilding your site’s main navigation menu. Many businesses have complex main menus with dropdowns that have more dropdowns. We work to simplify the main menu and create a flow chart that illustrates an optimised version we believe will help. Optimising the main menu works hand in hand with the site structure recommendations and the flow chart will further Illustrate and help explain the site structure recommendations we create for you.

Siloed Site Structure


Once you’ve given us access to your existing Google Analytics account, any other Google services already set up, and back end access to your website, we work through our 57 point SEO Setup checklist. If you don’t have Analytics for your Castle Hill business or any of the other services set up for your web site, we will set them up for you and give you full access when completed.

Since several of our team members are also web developers, we are able to work very efficiently on your site without needing to go back and forth with you and a 3rd party developer to make many changes and updates to your site. We’re not saying we don’t work with 3rd party developers – we do and have many good working relationships with developers for many businesses. We are able to do many tasks that many SEO agencies have difficulty with if they aren’t developers by eliminating the ‘middle man’.

We will run an audit of your website and provide a detailed report highlighting areas that need attention and can be optimized for SEO. This audit is run once a week and we refer to it often to help guide us through ongoing technical SEO work.

Once we have access to your systems, we implement a 57+ step setup process that includes:

  • Making sure Google and Bing know your site exists and which pages to crawl as a priority
  • Setting up a new or starting Local SEO optimisations for your existing Castle Hill Google Business listing
  • Checking your current backlink profile and disavowing any ‘bad’ backlinks
  • Setting up tracking for events on your website such as contact form submissions, phone number and email clicks, etc… and attributing where these events came from. Search engine? Ad? Direct?


Google’s algorithm uses over 300 factors to determine where a page should rank in each search results page. TheOnlineCo. has broken those 300 factors into 5 categories:

  1. Technical SEO
  2. Content SEO
  3. Local SEO
  4. Backlinking
  5. User Experience (UX)

The 12 Month SEO Rollout plan is a custom document that describes exactly what SEO tasks should be performed each month over the course of 1 year to bring about the best SEO results for your web site. We break up the year into 4 quarters and every 3 months we recommend a ‘Milestone’ review where we would meet with you and discuss the work we’ve done, what is working, what’s not working, and any adjustments we need to make to the strategy over the next 3 months.

We divide the SEO work across these 5 categories each month and include time for monthly reports. We feel reporting is one of the most important aspects of developing and maintaining great relationships with our clients.

Unique, Easy to Understand, Video SEO Reports & Documentation Tailored for Your Business

Our monthly reports are quite unique in that we don’t just send a document full of charts and data for you to puzzle out – we create custom videos where we describe the work we did over the last month and talk about the strategy for next month. We also explain and highlight important data points found in the document created for you. We try very hard to make sure you understand what we’ve done and how it is helping.


SEO is not an overnight solution and generally takes 3-6 months for strong results to become apparent. Implementing the steps outlined above often provides a noticeable ‘bump’ to most clients in the search results.

Get in touch with us and find out how we can help your Castle Hill business rise above your competitors in organic Google search. We’d love to help your business thrive!

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