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Everyone is Googling everything right? Can people find you on Google? Avoid the jargon and confusion and questionable practices of some SEO Companies. You need clear, understandable and trustworthy advice from an experienced SEO partner.

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So what can SEO do for you?

“TheOnlineCo. has been an integral part of our business. Even when times are tough this is one investment that I wouldn’t end as it pays dividends. I have used other SEO companies but never experienced this level of personalised tailored care. ”

– Patrick from
Combat Australia

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1. Technical SEO

The simple truth is that Google is a machine that comes along and looks at the code on your website and makes decisions based on the code. It can’t see the pictures (yet) or watch the videos. So what is your code telling Google? Is it sending a clear message or a confusing mess? Technical SEO is the process of cleaning up your code so Google can see who you are and what you do clearly. this is the foundation of SEO, the rest of the strategies rely on this one first…

  • Optimising Titles, Metas, H1s etc
  • Improving Load Speed
  • Optimising Google Search Console
  • Fixing SEO Issues
  • Crawl Audits
  • Removing Duplicate content
  • Sitemap Configuration
  • Robots.txt
  • Keyword Mapping
  • URL structure optimisation
  • Google Analytics configuration

Plus much more

technical seo

local seo

2. Local SEO

The Google Search results contain a variety of different responses, long gone are the days where you simply see a list of 10 results. One of the most engaging and prominent sections of a search result page is the Local Pack. The section at the top that contains 3 businesses with their addresses and reviews. We have a dedicated workflow that optimises your website for the local pack…

  • Google My Business configuration
  • Optimising for Local Pack
  • Google My Business Optimisation
  • Building Quality Citations
  • Reviews on Google My Business strategy
  • Microdata ( setup
  • On-page optimisation for key local terms
  • Load Speed Optimisation
  • Multi Location Setup

Plus much more…

3. Content SEO

Your website is filled with text that Google uses to work out which keywords to rank you for. We work to optimise and improve the text content on your website so that both people and Google find your website engaging. This included text on the core pages of your website as well as writing blogs that will inform your potential customers and draw them towards doing business with y ou…

  • Improving the content of the site to make it more engaging for visitors
  • Blog Writing
  • Optimising for new and long tail keywords
  • Content Calendar creation
  • Optimising for Question keywords
  • Sharing content on Social Networks

Just for a start!

content seo

backlinking seo

4. Backlinking SEO

This is without the most controversial and abused area of SEO. However, the concept is pretty simple really. How can we source links on other people’s websites that will get us more traffic to our site? Rather than trying to scam Google’s Algorithm and at best wasting your time and money and at worst getting your site penalised by Google we look for ways to increase your traffic via website referrals. Think of it more as Public Relations (PR) than backlinking.

Of course, you will improve your authority with Google in the process which will help your website rank for more relevant keywords…

  • PR opportunities
  • Guest Blogs
  • Quality directories
  • ONLY white hat methods

Plus loads more…

Want to understand a little more?

James Parnwell | TheOnlineCo. Managing Director Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO for we jargon hungry boffins) is the process of making your website friendly with Google. If your website and Google are buddies, then hey presto you will get lots of people visiting your website and in turn higher sales. Jump onto quickly and type in “Hotel Sydney” and after the AdWords ads (which occupy the top three spots) you will see the first “organic” result. Whoever sits in position number 1 is the SEO King of that particular keyword.

Now, type  the most obvious thing a customer of yours would type into Google and see if you can find yourself. Here’s the rules, you can’t type in your brand name ie. ACME Kitchens. If someone already knows about you and types in your companies name in order to find you then you haven’t tapped into the market potential of Google. You need to type in what a customer would look for if they have never heard of you ie. it might be “cheap kitchen renovations” or “new kitchen makers in Brisbane”

Is your website on the front page? If not, click on the 2nd page and then the 3rd etc… until you find yourself. The truth is, if you can’t find yourself on the front page, you don’t really exist. Less that 2% of people click through to page 2 and the numbers go down even further after that.

Now, the next thing you need to do is type your name into Google and have a look at the results. Have a good laugh or perhaps be extremely horrified. Go to a psychologist for trauma counselling if necessary. What does this have to do with SEO? Well, nothing really I just thought it might be amusing. If you had a rough time with the search results please write your complaints to

How do I get on the first page of Google?

In short, it’s not easy. It’s not easy at all! Ranking on the front page of Google is extremely lucrative so everyone’s jockeying for the top 10 positions. The guys who are on the front page for “hotel Sydney” are making some serious sales. Everyone else is living on the dregs, advertising on the yellow pages (remember that thing?) or sticking those paper strips to traffic lights in the hope that someone tears one off and calls them desperate for a place to stay. Jokes aside… EVERYONE Google’s EVERYTHING. When they want to buy something, odds are, they will get out their smart phone and search for generic term like “hotel Sydney” and start their research. Believe it or not, 50% of people are still searching on a computer.

Think about it, last time you needed to buy something, where did you turn? It was Google right? Everyone I speak to is Googling for things. Google used to be a brand name, now it’s a verb.

How does Google SEO work?

Google has an Algorithm. They love their Algorithm, they even give it animal names when they change it. Pandas and Penguins are very cutesy, but they can cause merry hell with your business. They should be called Crocodile and Rhinoceros, far more appropriate in my opinion.

The algorithm has over 200 factors which it uses to decide who ranks in Position 1, then 2 then 3 etc…

As if dealing with over 200 factors isn’t complicated enough, what makes SEO even more complex is that Google hides their Algorithm in a little black box at the bottom of the Mariana trench where its guarded by armour plated sea creatures that eat submarines as an Hors D’oeurves before munching down some Killer Whale steaks topped with Great White Shark Jus and Piranha encrusted Ciabatta. You think I’m exaggerating? Ok, maybe a little bit. However, they don’t tell us what the Algorithm contains and the rest of the world is trying to reverse engineer how it really works. It’s top secret.

“SEO is not a quick Fix process.”

An SEO Warning

If you are like me, you will be getting multiple spam emails per day offering you SEO services. Yes, TheOnLineCo. Gets spam suggesting we get “help” marketing our business online. Many of these spammers offer a guaranteed first page ranking or you pay nothing or some variation on the theme. They then offer to do it for $199 per month or something ridiculous.

Here’s the truth, SEO is complicated and takes many hours of complex work to complete. Only real experts can get you results, and even they are the mercy of Google who may change their algorithm, name it after some cutesy animal and screw up your ranking for a few months until they can get you back ranking again.

The only way to guarantee results is to fudge the system somehow. If you are a hotel in Sydney and I want to get you ranking on the front page, I could do it in about half an hour. I just need to pick an obscure term like “wonderful best hotel in Sydney” do a bit of optimisation and hey presto, you are on page one. There’s one (rather large) problem and that is that no one is searching for that term and they never will be. They are searching for “hotel Sydney” with the countless thousands of other people and you have just paid good money (although not much) for a result that is essentially meaningless.

The best case here is that you waste your money. I repeat, the best case. The worst case is that you get a poor operator from another part of the globe to completely ruin your website and any chance of ever ranking for anything. Yes, you may need to buy a new domain and move your website, or rebuild then start with a proper SEO company like us to get you realistic results.

How do we work?

For simplicity we break SEO down into 4 categories.

  1. Technical SEO
  2. Content SEO
  3. Local SEO
  4. Backlinking SEO

Technical SEO Explained…

When you build a website you build it with the customer in mind. Quite rightly so! However, if Google doesn’t like your website then no customers are going to find it. So we have to walk the tight-rope of keeping real human beings happy and keeping Google happy at the same time.

Google is not a human, Google is a robot, known as Googlebot. So the Googlebot comes to your site and crawls each page looking to find out what it is your website is about, which terms you should rank for and whether your website is any good. Since, its not a human it can’t look at pictures or watch videos, it can only read text and look at the code on your website.

Technical SEO is about coding and technical issues. Your website may look perfect and people might love it, but there are a multitude of issues behind the scenes that make Google have a different opinion. It not unusual for us to find websites with 3,000+ technical issues that need fixing.

Technical SEO is a little bit like mowing the front lawn, if your lawn has been ignored for a few months and its looking pretty hairy and rough, then people are going to be reluctant to come and knock on your front door. Google is the same, they look at your website and say “Oh dear, there are some real problems here. Let’s go to the next house!” Your website doesn’t rank and your competitor does.

Technical SEO is the absolute foundation of SEO, what’s the point of having the finest China for your guests when the front garden looks like a jungle. People won’t even enter your home.

Contact us and we can help you started with Technical SEO and get your website Google Friendly.

Content SEO Explained…

Recently a study was done of all the Energy Companies in Australia and how their websites had performed over the previous 12 months. It was found that the sites who had a blog had substantially outperformed those that didn’t. Why would this be?

  1. Blogs contain helpful information for customers which means an increase in traffic to you website.
  2. Google monitors the “freshness” of your website. If your website hasn’t been updated for 6 months then it must be less relevant than one that is updated every week.
  3. Blogs allow us to optimise for new keywords. Apart from the most highly trafficked keywords there will be a plethora of smaller terms that people are searching, if you have a page that is optimised for these smaller terms you will pick up a new stream of traffic.
  4. Blogs grow the ability to gain more traffic. Each page goes into Google’s index and shows up in search results. We have seen all of our clients grow their traffic through this simple method.
  5. Blog posts are highly sharable through social media. People are looking for help with things that you have expertise in. If they find it they will share. If it is shared Google notices and your rankings improve as a result.

“Everyone ‘Googles’ Everything!”

Local SEO Explained…

If you have a brick and mortar business in a particular location then people near you are searching for you. You have done it, pulled your phone from your pocket and typed “carpet cleaning [my suburb]” and perused the results.

Google shows up to seven local results in its results, if you are in the local pack of results you get phone calls. If you aren’t you don’t. Simple as that. It’s a cruel world…

Local SEO is about getting you ranked in the local pack so your phone keeps ringing. Feel free to contact us if you are a local business and we will be happy to help you.

Backlinking SEO Explained…

Last but certainly not least is Off-Page SEO. This is simple to explain but very complex to implement. Let’s suppose I walk into a room with a guitar slung across my back and tell you with great confidence that I am the best guitarist since Jimi Hendrix. Do you believe me? Probably not…

Let’s suppose we set up a page saying that we are the best hotel in Sydney and that no one has better service, cheaper prices and amazing views. Do you think Google believes you?

Now let’s suppose I walk into the room with a guitar slung across my back AND Eric Clapton next to me and he says, “Listen guys, this dude is the best guitarist since Jimi Hendrix!” Now you have to believe me right? I mean Eric Clapton is one of the all time guitaring greats. Laylaaaaa… Ahem… Excuse me…

If other websites are pointing to you and saying that you are a great hotel in Sydney then Google looks at them and says, “You know, there are a few people around that agree with this website, let’s stick them higher up the rankings and see how we go.”

Google isn’t just looking at what you say about yourself, they are also looking at what others say about you via backlinks. That is a very simple explanation of what is a very complicated procedure, but hopefully, it sheds a little light on the subject.

What do I do now?

If you tried the little exercise at the top of this piece and you couldn’t find yourself on the front page, then contact us and we will do our marketing analysis to help you work out how we can best grow your business.

If you are looking for fast results, then I suggest you give us a miss, try one of the spammy SEO emails you are getting every day. Waste a few hundred dollars then contact us to fix the mess. Hey, why not? Live a little! SEO is not a quick process, it generally takes many months to get your website to perform well in the search engines and patience is required.

James Parnwell

Want MORE proof? Here it is!

seo marketing companyThis client is selling their products to average everyday customers looking to improve their home. Their industry is very well established with a lot of competition. When I say a lot, I mean A LOT! Let’s break the numbers down a little. This client spent $7,218.16 in a 30 day period on Google Adwords. For this they got 102,001 people to see their ads and 1,236 people come to their website, from these people they received 53 leads. This client’s average sale value is $3,000 and they convert 25% of their enquiries into an actual sale. The result is that they made $39,750 in sales. That’s more than 5 times return on investment. Here is an image to help explain this better…

seo marketing company

TheOnlineCo. SEO Client's Investment and Return

TheOnlineCo. SEO Client's Investment and Return

seo marketing companyThis client is in a B2B environment selling quite a niche piece of Industrial Equipment. So let’s look at this in some further detail. This client has a budget of $115 per day and have spent $2,888.69 in Google AdWords budget in the past 30 days. For this, 8,225 people have seen their ads, 295 of them have clicked through to the website and they have had 27 people contact them as a direct result. In other words, they have received 27 leads. They have an average sale amount of $20,000 and they are able to convert 50% of their customers into an actual sale. This means that for their investment of $2,888 they have received a return on investment of $270,000. Here is a visual example…

seo marketing company

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