James Parnwell

James Parnwell

S3 Ep 06 | Shaun Alexander | Customer Centric Marketing Strategy

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Episode Summary:

In this episode of “Digital Marketing That Puts People First”, we are joined by Shaun Alexander – a seasoned sales and marketing executive. With over 15 years of experience in launching and growing digital media, technology, and entertainment ventures, Shaun brings a wealth of knowledge to the table.

Shaun’s journey into the world of marketing ignited during his time at AWARD School in the early 2000s, where he uncovered the magic of connecting brands with people in creative ways. He honed his skills working for media publishers during the digital revolution’s second wave, eventually rising to the role of National Sales Director for technology and gaming brands at CBS Interactive.

Transitioning to Pandora, Shaun made history as the platform’s first Australian commercial hire, pioneering the introduction of digital audio advertising Down Under. Following Pandora’s successful launch, Shaun was tapped to lead SoundCloud’s operations in Australia and New Zealand, establishing their inaugural regional office.

But Shaun’s expertise doesn’t stop there. He’s also made significant contributions as head of growth at Jaxsta, an ASX-listed music credits database. Currently, Shaun is advising Pluss Communities, a tech platform catering to the aged-care sector, and serving as Chief Commercial Officer for Incites, an Australian analytics startup.

Beyond his corporate roles, Shaun remains deeply involved in his community. He’s a dedicated member of Northside Radio’s marketing committee and has been hosting a music show since 2003. Additionally, he co-hosts a popular monthly soul music show on ABC Radio with Christine Anu.

Join us as Shaun shares his insights on how to prioritise people in digital marketing strategies, drawing from his rich and diverse experiences across various industries.

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James Parnwell
James Parnwell

James is the Managing Director and resident strategist at TheOnlineCo. He is clever and creative with a flair for making complex things sound simple. He has been in the marketing game for over 2 decades and has watched the landscape slowly shift. James has his finger on the pulse of every aspect within TheOnlineCo, meeting with all clients as well as every core team member and strategising a specific plan tailored to each client.

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