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Harry Parnwell

S3 Ep 05 | Andrew Coffey | Mater Foundation

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Episode Summary:

In this episode, we chat with Andy Coffey, who heads digital efforts at the Mater Foundation. He’s been in the digital world for almost 30 years, starting way back in 1994. Andy’s career took him from entry-level jobs to high-ranking positions, and now he’s back to more hands-on work.

Andy has loads of experience working for different companies, where he’s done everything from marketing to technology and data. Even though he’s won many awards, Andy’s focus now is on making a positive difference. At the Mater Foundation, he leads projects that break records and help people.

Looking back on his career, Andy talks about how important it is to adapt to changes and keep learning. Balancing work, studies, and family life hasn’t always been easy for him. He even started a Doctorate degree but had to stop when life got too busy.

Despite his struggles, Andy’s family means everything to him. He might not be great at music, and he’s dyslexic, but his dedication to his loved ones never wavers. Join us as we dive into Andy’s experiences, what he’s learned, and how his work has made a big impact.

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Harry Parnwell
Harry Parnwell
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