Jess Colusso

Jess Colusso

Should I DIY Facebook Ads?

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Have you ever considered running your own Facebooks ads? Maybe you’ve already given it a shot and thought that they weren’t very successful, or perhaps they are performing well and you’re wondering if they could be doing better? 

In this episode of Digital Marketing That Puts People First we ask the question ‘Should I DIY Facebook Ads?’ Now we know we’re an agency that provides this service, but we promise to give you an unbiased perspective on when you can and should DIY your Facebook Ads, as well as when you should get a professional involved as there are cases to be made for both.

As always, you’ll hear from James Parnwell Founder and Managing Director of TheOnlineCo. and Jess Colusso our Sales and Marketing Manager at TheOnlineCo. As well as Christie McDougall, Head of Strategy at TheOnlineCo. and a Facebook Ads expert!

It’s fair to say that Facebook and the social media advertising landscape in general is constantly changing. From the targeting options available to the actual layout out and interface of the platforms, it can be hard to keep up let alone be ahead of the game and have new ads ready to go quickly and so we want to talk through 5 key things you should consider when deciding whether or not to DIY your Facebook Ads or if you should get an expert involved.

We’ll look at the size of your business and why that even matters, we explain the time involved with managing campaigns and if it’s worth your time. We’ll also unpack the reasons why you need to be able to track results correctly, we’ll look at what all the changes mean for small to medium businesses and how to keep up with them and we explain what to do when ads just don’t work.


Key Moments: 

1:00 – Meet Christie McDougall – Facebook Ads pro and Head of Strategy at TheOnlineCo.

5:18 – Consideration #1 – What is the size of your business?

10:56 – Consideration #2 – How much time does it take to set up and manage campaigns?

13:28 – When does the chewing gum lose its flavour and what to do about it.

14:50 – Can’t I just ‘Boost’ posts?

20:27 – Consideration #3 – Can you set up tracking to measure results properly?

24:46 – What do not measuring results and dieting have in common?

26:27 – Consideration #4 – Are you willing to keep up with all the changes and what do they mean for small to medium and businesses?

32:39 –  Consideration #5 – What if the ads don’t work? Are you able to problem solve?


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Jess Colusso
Jess Colusso
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