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James Parnwell

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Today’s interview guest has possibly the most colourful story we’ve heard on the podcast so far. 

She’s Annika Saigi, owner of a busy network of yoga studios in Western Sydney called Nin Yoga – and her journey has been a bit like a roller coaster ride in a theme park. It started at a video game arcade, with a detour into the circus arts, adventures in India, and – just as she was launching a yoga studio – there was that painful COVID pandemic. 

Thankfully, Annika has lived to tell the tale and in our interview she shared some of her amazing transformation from a young Video Game arcade manager, into a successful business woman. 

Key Moments

3:22 – It all started with an obsession with Japanese culture and gaming.  

5:18 – When the Gaming Arcade Annika is running is sold, she’s forced to reconsider her career options. 

7:51 – Dance and circus tricks become Annika’s new obsession.   

10:18 – A trip to India, and a Yoga course changes everything. 

11:19 – Covid strikes – and Annika is ready to hit back. 

21:52 – How motherhood impacted Nin Yoga 

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James Parnwell
James Parnwell

James is the Managing Director and resident strategist at TheOnlineCo. He is clever and creative with a flair for making complex things sound simple. He has been in the marketing game for over 2 decades and has watched the landscape slowly shift. James has his finger on the pulse of every aspect within TheOnlineCo, meeting with all clients as well as every core team member and strategising a specific plan tailored to each client.

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