James Parnwell

James Parnwell

“It Instantly Transformed the Industry”

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Phil Callaghan is a tech entrepreneur who bootstrapped his business from his own piggybank – and transformed the way the trucking industry works in Australia.  

Over the past 15 years, Loadshift has effectively changed how truckers and shippers communicate, through what is now a very high-tech, online marketplace. It’s revolutionised the way the industry works, and today, the Loadshift team have so much data at their fingertips, that they’re able to see economy trends and shifts happening in real-time – weeks before we hear about it on the evening news.

But Phil’s journey hasn’t been smooth sailing. He hit many speedbumps on the road to success, and in fact when he first launched his business, it simply didn’t work. He’s also faced his fair share of opposition in business – including personal threats, a court battle, and a long struggle to make the business financially sustainable.   

Phil is an innovator ahead of the curve. His story is one of determination and grit which highlights the fact that if something doesn’t work first time, tweak and try again! 

Key Moments

4:08 – Phil gets his start in the family agriculture business – and notices a gap in the transport industry 

9:42  How it all began: “I’m a tech entrepreneur who bootstrapped his business.” 

12:41 – “As a business owner, you’ve gotta find your tribe, your group of followers.” 

15:39 – Failure to launch. What next? 

18:11 – What does sustainable growth look like?  

21:45 – Time for a price rise. 

24:22 – Changing life for the ‘little guys’ in business. 

 26:06  Phil and the Loadshift team face one of their biggest battles. 

31:48 – Impact of 2020 border closures on the industry. 

34:17 – Phil and his business undergo a major identity shift.   

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James Parnwell
James Parnwell

James is the Managing Director and resident strategist at TheOnlineCo. He is clever and creative with a flair for making complex things sound simple. He has been in the marketing game for over 2 decades and has watched the landscape slowly shift. James has his finger on the pulse of every aspect within TheOnlineCo, meeting with all clients as well as every core team member and strategising a specific plan tailored to each client.

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