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Heidi Cridland

Heidi Cridland

Troubleshooting paid traffic to your website

Buying traffic to your website, whether by using Google AdWords, re-marketing campaigns or Facebook advertising is a big deal for many small businesses and we all want to see results straight out of the gate. Sadly, that never normally happens and it’s not even best practice. For every campaign, it is suggested that you make 10 ads, and of those 10, slowly whittle your way down to the best performer. Finding out why some ads aren’t performing is often just as helpful as finding out why some ads are performing and this helps you to optimise future campaigns.

But how do you find out what is or isn’t working and which ads to can or keep?

Here is a great infographic to help you make that decision…

troubleshooting traffic



**If you need the links on the infographic to help you – click here for the interactive version: TrafficTroubleshooting

Heidi Cridland
Heidi Cridland

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