Rich Brown

Rich Brown

How to optimise your landing pages

Ok, so in our past few blog posts, we’ve listed the benefits of having landing pages and why they’re so amazing. So assuming we’ve won you over and you are now starting to use landing pages, how do you optimise them to make sure they are the best they can possibly be? Yeah, sorry if you thought that once you created it you were done – merely creating them isn’t the finish line.

Not to worry, we’ve found this great infographic that works as a bit of a checklist to make sure you’ve done everything possible to get the most out of your landing pages.

optimise your landing pages

Just following these simple and basic rules will take your landing pages from good to great and if you’re still not getting the results you’re after, then why not give us a call. We have experts on our team who have been optimising landing pages for years and we’re always more than happy to help.

Rich Brown
Rich Brown

Rich is one of the smartest dudes around here – he is our SEO Strategist at TheOnlineCo. He is a learner, he enjoys figuring out how to make things work and is tenacious about getting your SEO sorted. Rich has this ability to implement SEO strategies that help our clients rank for their designated keywords. He is thorough, methodical and highly skilled.

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