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What Is Google Ads?

Google Ads is the most advanced and successful Pay-Per-Click method on the internet. It has fast-tracked the growth of millions of businesses since 2000.

Google Ads allows you to put your business in front of your potential customer when they are actively searching. You won’t be paying hundreds or thousands of dollars to advertise to Ads people with little to no interest in what you have to offer. With the use of specific keywords and ads, you can control who sees your ads and when.

As your Google Ads agency Campbelltown, TheOnlineCo. will partner with you to remove the complexity and confusion involved with creating best practice campaigns that will bring you the best results.

Making Sales with A Google Ads Agency Campbelltown

Our Google Ads Process

When you engage TheOnlineCo. to be your Google Ads agency Campbelltown, we will begin by researching whether Google Ads is right for you. If Google Ads isn’t right for your business we’ll tell you – and we’ll tell you why. There may be other digital marketing avenues that would serve your business better such as SEO or Social Media campaigns.

Our first steps with your business include doing keyword research to look at the possible traffic, competition and possible costs for your potential search terms. This keyword research becomes the foundation of the full campaign where we expand on the search terms, build ads, add extensions and set up conversions.

But our process does not stop there. Google Ads is an ongoing process with frequent reviews and optimisations to ensure the campaign is working to its full potential and bringing you the best results.

Google Ads Agency Campbelltown - PPC & SEM Services

Our 3 Steps of Google Ads Management

Step 1: Research - Google Ads Agency Campbelltown & PPC Services

  • Existing Campaign Audit – If you have an existing Google Ads campaign, we will complete a thorough audit. This will allow us to find areas for improvement and make a decision about whether a new campaign is to be built or whether we can adjust the existing campaign.
  • Keyword Research – Before we begin, our Google Ads agency Campbelltown specialists will complete keyword research to ensure there is enough traffic to make running Google Ads viable. We will also ask for feedback on these terms allowing us to really get to know your business and what you are about.
  • Website Review – We, at TheOnlineCo. are huge believers in using highly relevant landing pages to get the best results from your Google Ads campaign. We will review your website and decide whether new landing pages will be required.
  • Competitor Research – We will complete competitor research to see who your competitors are, what they are offering and how they are wording their ads. This helps us to strategise for your Google Ads accounts in order have the best campaigns running.
  • Campaign Structure & Build – This includes building the basics of your campaigns ensuring each campaign has a specific goal in mind. The campaign build includes adding keywords, creating ads and ensuring all ad extensions are set up and used.
  • Conversion tracking – We will implement conversion tracking which will allow us to record and monitor the number of leads you are receiving. This data is very important in ensuring we optimise the campaigns for best performance and will show you exactly what your campaign is achieving.
  • Landing Page Build – Our team of Google Ads agency Campbelltown experts have a very specific procedure in creating landing pages that work. During the build process we will work with you to create highly relevant landing pages to match the different ad groups within your Google Ads account.

Step 2: Build - Google Ads Agency Campbelltown & PPC Services

Step 3: Optimisation - Google Ads Agency Campbelltown & PPC Services

  • Weekly Optimisations – Your Google campaign manager will review your account weekly to ensure everything is running to the best of its ability. This includes looking at search queries, keyword and ad performance, device usage, budget spending and pacing and conversion checking. Changes are made based on performance to improve the overall results.
  • A/B Testing – Our Google ads services include running experiments on landing pages and settings within Google Ads to test what produces the best results. Our Google ads agency Campbelltown specialists work continually with your campaigns with the belief that there is always something that can be done to improve results further. This means we never set and forget, and we are constantly working to bring you more results.
  • Monthly Strategy – The Google Ads management team meets monthly to discuss strategy and plans for improvement in the coming month.
  • Monthly Reporting – The team will send regular updates to advise on changes that have been made and the performance results, keeping you in the loop about what is happening in your account the entire time.

What will Google Ads management do for your business?






Why Choose TheOnlineCo. As Your Google Ads Agency Campbelltown?

  • PREMIER GOOGLE PARTNERS – We are premier Google partners. We have a dedicated Google representative keeping us up to date with Google Ads updates and best practices.
  • DEDICATED SPECIALIST– You will have one of our Google Ads specialists dedicated to your account that can really get to know you and your business to ensure we are doing our best to help you succeed.
  • WE CARE ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS – We don’t just set and forget. We care about your business and want to see you succeed and we will continually work with you and on your accounts to improve performance.
  • ALL SPECIALISTS ARE GOOGLE ADS CERTIFIED – All our Google Ads specialists have completed their Google Ads certifications and renew them yearly.
  • WE VALUE RELATIONSHIP – We want to work with you and have open communication. We don’t hide anything from you and we’re transparent and open about everything we do on your accounts. Monthly video reports are sent each month explaining highlights about what we’ve done and the results.
  • NO LOCK-IN CONTRACTS – We won’t lock you into any 12-month contracts
  • NO OUTSOURCING – All our team are 100% local.

Google Ads Agency Campbelltown Case Study

Conversions Infographic for Jaang - Google Ads Agency Campbelltown

Concrete company gains 92% increase in conversions

Jaang* came to TheOnlineCo. with a marketing problem of not having much market share in a new location. Our team went straight to work with rebuilding the campaign activity by match type (exact and broad) and according to Google’s Best Practice to take…

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What makes TheOnlineCo. different than other Google Ads Agencies?

TheOnlineCo. is a 100% local Google Ads Agency

TheOnlineCo. is based in Western Sydney and we have a 100% local Google Ads management team. Our Google Ads agency Campbelltown specialists are available to easily meet with you in person, or remotely via Zoom. We are a dedicated, reliable and easy to reach team who provide results for their clients.

At TheOnlineCo we value integrity, so we are open and honest about everything we do. We keep you informed from the beginning of the account set up and send monthly video reports explaining the work that has been completed and the results achieved. Our openness and honesty set up apart from other Google Ads agencies.

Our team leader, Heidi Jones, has been working with TheOnlineCo for around 10 years and has been working within Google Ads for the entire time. She and the team have regular contact with a Google representative keeping them up to date with all recent developments in Google Ads and changes in Google Ads best practices.

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Google Ads FAQs

There are 5 different types of ad campaigns you can create within Google ads:

  • Search: Ads are shown when someone searches on the Google Search Network using keywords or phrases in your account.
  • Display: Image ads show throughout the display network based on audience targeting. Ads show across many websites, news pages, blogs and Google sites.
  • Shopping: Shopping is great for retailers who wish to promote their online and local inventory. Ads show at the top of search results or on the right side.
  • Video: Video campaigns let you show ads before or within other streamed video content on YouTube and on the Google Display Network.
  • Mobile App: These help you to promote your apps across Google search, Google play, YouTube and the Google Search Network.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is related to the Google organic search results and relies on updates to your website and the content within it in order to rank higher. There is no cost to appearing in Google organic results however, it can take many months or even years to get your business onto the front page of Google using SEO techniques alone.

Google Ads gives you the opportunity to bid for a place above the organic results using keywords. You can choose which keywords you wish to show for and pay when someone clicks on your ads. Google Ads allows you to compete with some of the bigger companies that have been around for years and are showing high in organic listings.

There may be a number of reasons why you cannot see your own ads in the Google search results.

  • Budget: You may not have enough budget to show every time someone searches your terms.
  • Self-Googling: If you Google yourself frequently, but don’t click the ads (because you know it will be spending your budget), Google will stop showing your ads to you as it knows you are not likely to click.
  • Location: You could be outside the target location of your Google Ads campaign.
  • Schedule: You may be searching outside of the time scheduled for your ads to run.

There are three components of Google ads quality score: expected CTR (click-through-rate), ad relevance, and landing page experience. Google Ads will show you whether a component is performing above average, average or below average. Updating ads or landing pages to be more relevant to the keyword will help to improve the quality score especially where a component is performing below average.

For best results its advisable to have a Google Ads Agency Campbelltown expert assist with improving your ads quality score. As Google Partners and extensive experience over 10+ years, we know the ins and outs in ads optimisation!

Modified broad match has a + symbol in front of all the words in a keyword. The + symbol tells Google that a search query must include these terms exactly or as a close variation. These terms can drive more traffic than phrase or exact match terms and will attract more relevant traffic than a simple broad search term.

You should start seeing data come through into your Google Ads account within hours of starting the campaigns however, real results in the form of leads can take some time. Firstly, Google needs time to go through a learning phase to find out when and who is best to show the ads to. This can sometimes take up to 3 months. Following this, months of optimisations and testing is needed to really get the campaign running to its best ability. Results can start coming through within this time however, it may be slow to start and as optimisations are applied, results should begin to improve.

Landing pages are ideal with Google Ads campaign to ensure you receive high quality scores. A landing page should focus on one product or service only and has a very clear call to action allowing the user to take action very quickly and easily. Using landing pages ensures you are giving your potential customers highly relevant information on the very thing they have searched.

The Google Ads agency Campbelltown team at TheOnlineCo. has extensive experience in building landing pages that convert to high quality, relevant leads.

There is no simple answer here. Whether Google ads is right will depend on what you want to achieve, how much you are willing to spend and the product or service that you are offering. There are times when there is just not enough traffic for particular search queries to make a Google Ads account viable. Keyword research can be done to analyse how much potential traffic there is for your search terms and also how much these could possibly cost you. If Google ads is not the answer for you, there are other options including social media marketing.

Yes. With the use of ad extensions, you can include a phone number and/or location in your ads. A Google My Business account will be needed for location extensions and you will require access to link this to the account. There is no guarantee these will show all the time as Google will show when it believes it will be most effective.

You choose what your conversions are and when they record. You can set them up through Google Ads, Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager to record phone calls, phone call clicks, form submissions or other events you choose.

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