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Rebranded and Reborn

Zedu, the Medical Training Co that Faced Down its Giants and Rose from the Ashes

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If there was ever a podcast episode that resembled War and Peace, this one has got to be it. For the ultrasound training company Zedu, there were a few years where it seemed like everything was against them.  

They faced detractors in the medical industry; identity theft by a competitorbusiness ‘divorce’; the 2019 bushfires; and the impact of COVID. But owners Suean Pascoe and Michael Duncan are not quitters.  

 All of these trials have helped them to refine their business, and build a vibrant, energetic brand that stands out in the market like a beacon.  

Key Moments

04:00 – A personal tragedy highlights the vital importance of ultrasound training.

09:50 – Backlash from industry professionals.

10:50 – Identity theft forces a company name change. 

20:04 – Family health crisis, cashflow troubles and business divorce. 

24:06 – COVID hits and forces Zedu to be closed for 292 days during lockdown. 

26:20 – Zedu goes online: “Trying to pivot education is like trying to turn the Titanic on a dime.” 

34:30 – Strength through hardship: “A tough sword has to go through fire – and they’ve put us through fire so look out!”

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