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Bite the Bullet and Specialise

How Financial Planner Phil Thompson went from ‘Just Making It’ Generalist, to Rapidly Growing Specialist

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Phil Thompson has had two career paths that couldn’t be more different: Circus Performing, and Financial Planning! He’s the owner of a company called Skye Wealth, specialising in life insurance. 

You’ll hear why he made such a radical career change; how his first few years in the financial game were spent working very hard, with little reward…. and how a few brave decisions made all the difference! 

Key Moments

03:20 – After a dramatic career change, Phil saw an opportunity and took the plunge, with help from family.

08:46 – Laser focussed on caring for existing clients

10:32 – 3-years of feeling stuck in a rut.

13:21 – Phil finds his niche.

15:00 – Skye Wealth goes online.

19:37 – Covid hits — and Phil was in the perfect position.

24:38 – Lessons in hiring.

31:06 – Future plans: the digital nomad life.

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