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When A Hobby Takes Over

How Campsmart Grew from a Maternity Leave Project, to a Serious Aussie Brand

Justine Lightowler isn’t the first woman on our podcast who ‘birthed’ her business while she was on maternity leave!

It was a family camping trip, and a need for some extra income, that drove Justine to start buying and selling camping gear on eBay. That became a hobby… which turned into an online store… which grew into a business… and today, Campsmart is a serious player in the online caravanning and camping market.

In our interview Justine talks about the joys of serving Australia’s active community of caravanners and campers; the challenges of growing a business while raising little ones; and the frightening experience of launching a brand-new product—days before the COVID pandemic hit!

Key Moments

04:50 – It all started with a camping trip… and a little purchase on ebay.

08:31 – With a business underway, Justine’s range of products expands, and she hires a warehouse and some staff.

13:38 – Justine designs and launches her first original product – and then COVID hits.

19:00 – Digital marketing is what has built Campsmart’s reputation.

22:43  – Justine’s advice on running a business and a family? “I just do the best I can, with everything. I don’t aim to be perfect at anything.”

24:00 – The rewards of the business.

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