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Scaling Fast, Keeping Quality

The Young, Agile Company That’s Blazing a Trail in Disability

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For Kara Foscholo and Amanda Semaan, running a complex and multi-layered business wasn’t even slightly on their radar, when they first embarked on a uni degree together.  

But when a research opportunity came their way, enabling them to invest in discovering better disability care, their passion took over. And as they say, the rest is history! 

When Active Ability was founded, it was the first of its kind – mobile therapy, specifically for those with intellectual disability, brain injury and mental illness. These days, their team of 65 therapists works with hundreds of clients throughout the Greater Sydney, Wollongong and Sunshine Coast regions. 

With the business growing quickly, the struggle to balance work and family has been difficult for the two young mums. Though they’re grateful for the privilege of doing what they do, both Kara and Amanda took their laptops to the hospital when their babies came along so they could continue to work. It’s a balance which they say they’re still trying to master!

This is an honest, inspiring story, highlighting the fact that when we follow our passion, and are good at what we do, success will follow. 

Key Moments

05:00 – Neither Kara nor Amanda were planning on being business owners! 

07:00 – An opportunity comes along to improve exercise physiology for disability. 

10:00 – The Active Ability magic sauce is created: fun, bespoke exercise. 

17:00 – Launching Active Ability, while navigating the ever-changing NDIS. 

20:00 – Learning how to grow quickly, while maintaining quality service. 

24:18 – Time to bring in some outside help. 

33:38 – Success comes with a cost, which can be difficult to balance. 

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