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“I Had to Get My Name Out of the Business”

‘Dr Burnout’ Valerie Ling and the Centre That’s Changing Lives

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When a series of difficult life experiences left psychologist Valerie Ling suffering from burnout – she knew it was time to get help in her business.

And so began the growth of a busy psychology practice called the Centre for Effective Living. In this episode Valerie – who’s now an expert in the treatment and prevention of burnout – tells the story of her lifelong entrepreneurship streak – and her passion to build organisations that make the world a healthier, happier place.

(This two-part series continues next episode, where Valerie shares her expert advice on burnout in business.)

Key Moments

03:29 – “I didn’t even know what psychology was…” Valerie undertakes a double degree in Law and Psychology.

06:09 – Valerie’s entrepreneurial streak surfaces at age nine.

07:17 – By age 13, Valerie has started her own small enterprise teaching music.

08:12 – Valerie ‘meets a boy’, moves to Singapore to start a family – and begins practising psychology.

09:45 – Burnout hits Valerie, she resigns from her job and suffers a terrible grief.

13:43 – Back in Australia with young children, Valerie opens her own clinic.

16:39 – Valerie develops a regular reflective practice to maintain her own mental health and begins proactively building a healthier, more sustainable business model.

22:13 – The story behind the ‘Centre for Effective Living’.

28:19 – What Valerie has learnt about marketing.

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