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SEO, Google Ads & Social Media

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Now, more than ever businesses need a greater understanding of digital marketing. The digital marketing landscape is constantly changing, and it can be difficult for business owners to keep up to date with best practices. That’s why we have a series of on demand workshops that teach you about digital marketing from an agency perspective. Join us and learn the strategies that we use across all platforms from Social to SEO, SEM to Instagram and everything in between.

About our On-Demand Workshops

Our on-demand digital marketing workshops are run by our digital marketing specialists who are all equipped with the knowledge you need to enhance your online marketing. Whether you are brand new to the concept of advertising your business online or a seasoned professional who just needs a refresher, chances are there is something in these workshops for you. 

Our workshops are:

  • On-demand, meaning you can participate at a time that is suitable for you
  • About 1 hour in length, so you can squeeze it into your busy workday
  • Engaging! There’s nothing worse than staring at a boring presentation for an hour that’s why our workshops use real-life business examples that you can relate to
  • Accompanied by worksheets that you can fill out as you go and take with you as you start to implement some digital marketing strategies

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Social Media Content Made Easy
Google Ads Made Easy
SEO Made Easy

SEO Workshop

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and, put simply, involves making sure your website is in the best shape to be noticed by Google, or any other search engine. 

When you first approach SEO, it may seem overwhelming. Much of the advice out there is packed with jargon and can be very difficult to understand. In our On Demand SEO workshops, our specialists explain the fundamentals of SEO in plain English. We aim to demystify the process and help you to get your website right into Google’s line of sight.

Free SEO Workshop
Free SEM Workshop

Google Ads / SEM Workshop

If you haven’t heard of SEM, you’ve probably heard of one of its key components, Google Ads. SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing and involves placing paid ads on search engines in order to gain website traffic. 

In our On-Demand Google Ads workshop, our SEM specialists break down the process into one that’s simple to understand and can be easily applied to your business. We take you through the basics of choosing your keywords, setting a budget and scoping out your competitors. This helps you know exactly where you should be advertising and so you can be confident that you’re spending your budget in the right places!

Social Content Scheduling Workshop

In the current day and age, having an active presence on social media is essential if you want to build your brand and bring in leads. With so many platforms and so many ways to approach social media, you may be wondering where to start. In our on-demand Social Content Scheduling workshop our content specialists explain how to make posting to Facebook and Instagram easy.

Social Media Workshops
Facebook PPC Workshops

Facebook PPC Workshop

There are ways you can utilise Facebook beyond just organic posting. This is where Facebook PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing comes in. Facebook PPC involves paying money to advertise on Facebook, so your business appears in people’s feeds. The Facebook algorithm is incredibly advanced and there are many ways you can cater your ads to make sure they’re hitting the right audience. In our On-Demand Workshops, our specialists can guide you through this process to make it nice and easy to figure out exactly how you should be marketing.

If you would like to learn more about our digital marketing services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at TheOnlineCo. and we’ll be happy to chat about the best way to get your business thriving online.

Beyond our free workshops, we offer Digital Marketing Partnerships, Digital Marketing Coaching and general Digital Marketing Services.


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