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A Small Business’s Guide To Online Marketing

The Internet has made reaching a detailed target audience, no matter where they may be, much easier and cheaper than ever before. Instead of spending hundreds or even thousands on a TV commercial, an ad in the yellow pages, or fliers printed and then distributed – you can spend just a few dollars advertising on websites and via social media.

But whilst this all sounds simple, the world of online advertising can be overwhelming for a busy small business owner to navigate. There are so many advertising options, and commonly used industry terms that can make it seem like a foreign language. Don’t despair – we’ve found a great infographic that explains it all!


guide to online marketing

And of course as always, if there is still anything you might be a little stuck on, we are here to help in any and every way we can.


online marketing company

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Christie McDougall

Christie is our Social Media Strategist. With years of Social Media experience, she has an incredible ability to write great copy and strategy for each campaign. She has worked for many different organisations in this space and has a great understanding of how to create ads and build campaigns that potential customers respond to.

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