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Facebook Marketing

Use the power of the World’s largest Social Media to grow your business…

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Are you looking for someone to manage your Social Media Marketing?

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So, what can facebook do for you?

“TheOnlineCo. have been outstanding in helping achieve my online marketing goals. I went from 300 likes on facebook to 19,000 likes with their management and eye for detail. They seem to have endless suggestions of how I can gather even more interest and how to promote my products and business.

They take their work personally and unlike the corporate online marketers that just add you into their massive client pool, TheOnlineCo. are much more personal, calling emailing and often meeting me in person with suggestions of what I could be doing better and how they can action this change.”

– Patrick from Combat Australia

Facebook likes grew to over 19,000 resulting in over a 5x Return on Investment for Facebook PPC Specials

Here are Five Facebook Strategies

1. Facebook Like Campaigns

Why do you need more likes on your Facebook page?

  • Having a small number of Facebook followers makes your business look small
  • You can create a group of “likers” who you can then market ongoing products and services to.
  • Work out your precise target customer and target them with a “like” campaign
  • Give them a good reason for liking your page such as expert advice, ongoing specials, join a great cause etc…
  • Once you have a nice bunch of Facebook “likers” create a promotional plan and promote your content to them.
  • Use your “likers” to launch new products and services
  • Clear out old stock or sell specials to your “likers”
  • Invite them to purchase larger $ items
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video campaign marketing

2. Video Campaigns

Facebook is biasing its algorithm towards video content. Have you noticed all the videos in your Facebook feed? People find videos highly engaging in social media and the result is Facebook giving us more of what we want.

Compelling Awareness Campaigns

Using Video on Facebook you can target 10s of thousands of people with your message relatively cheaply. You need to identify your target customer and create a short and engaging video and then show it to them and ask them to do something – call you, download something or buy something from you!

Custom Audiences

You can use Facebook to create a custom audience of people who have watched your video. This is a much more concentrated list of people who have watched your video but haven’t taken any actions towards you yet. Perhaps they aren’t ready yet or you caught them at a bad time.

You can use this custom audience to market to them multiple messages and bring them closer to the point of purchase.

There are four phases to a customer’s buying cycle (awareness, interest, consideration and purchase) . Combining videos with other calls to action can provide a compelling method of finding new customers. Facebook advertising can help build awareness, increase campaign reach, drive conversions and ultimately speed up the purchase cycle.

3. Lead Magnet Campaigns

What is a lead magnet?

It’s an offering of value to a prospect in exchange for their contact information, usually an email address. It is used in conjunction with an email campaign in order to gather a database to use for ongoing marketing. For example..

  • Free Guide or Report
  • Cheat Sheet or Handout
  • Toolkit or Resource List
  • Video Training
  • Software Download or Free Trial
  • Discount or Free Shipping
  • Quiz or Survey
  • Assessment or Test

Reasons to use a Lead Magnet

  • Giveaway genuine value
  • Position yourself as leader or expert
  • Grow your email list
  • Use ongoing emails to onboard future customers
  • Offer future more value via email
  • Make further sales
  • Generate leads
lead magnet campaigns
lead generation campaigns

4. Lead Generation Campaigns

Do you have a product or service that people want and know they want it? Maybe you sell mowers, or you are a dentist or a financial planner. You just want people to get in touch and start a conversation?

A lead generation campaign is simply a campaign that tells people to contact you now. Pretty simple.

We just need to find out who your target customer is, design some clear and compelling ads then split test them, measure the result, optimise and repeat.

5. Plus many many more...

We’ve only mentioned a few methods here, but there are many many more, here are a few…

  • App Engagement
  • App Intalls
  • Brand Awareness
  • Store Visits
  • Local Awareness
  • Website Conversions
  • Clicks to Website
  • Event Ads
  • Offer Claim Ads
  • Post Engagements
  • etc…
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Want to understand a little more?

On January the 4th in 2008 at 3am, a Columbian man named Oscar Morales set up a Facebook group called “One Million Voices Against FARC.” FARC is a guerrilla group who had consistently kidnapped and ransomed people in Columbia for many years. In particular, a woman named Clara had been kidnapped 6 years prior and had given birth to a little boy named Emmanuel whilst in captivity. Emmanuel was now 4 and had never known what freedom is like.

FARC had promised to release Emmanuel in time for Christmas day in December 2007. They had announced this all over the place, in the news and across Columbia. Columbia was in an ever-present place of fear and sadness over the plight of FARC hostages and pain had been driven deep into the psyche of Columbians. As a result, when people heard the news that Emmanuel was to be released it was received joyfully and with great enthusiasm. It was seen as a final ray of sunshine, a miracle, a breakthrough from tyranny.

However, when Christmas 2007 came and went, Emmanuel wasn’t released. He wasn’t even released for New Year’s Day, a week later. Then the news story broke, that FARC didn’t even have Emmanuel in custody, he had been released sometime before Christmas to a village caring for him as he struggled with illness. So, FARC had lied about even having Emmanuel in the first place and so the miracle of his Christmas release was all an elaborate sham.

The hope that Columbia had felt turned to even greater anger, frustration and despair. This was the backdrop to Oscar setting up a Facebook group at 3am. He went to sleep and woke up at 9am then went to check on how the Facebook group was going. Oscar had about 100 friends of his own all of whom he had invited, and he probably expected at least 50 of his friends to join the group. However, it had already hit 1,500 members.

He hadn’t even had a chance to explain this to his extended family, so during the day he told his family and asked them to invite all their friends to join the group as well. That afternoon it had hit 4,000 members. Oscar’s Facebook group had gone completely viral. Oscar then started to get to know some of the more engaged members of the group.

Together they started planning a march against FARC. The group felt the march should be held in Bogota, Columbia’s capital, but Oscar felt they also should be held in other cities including his home city called Barranquilla. One month later the Facebook group had organised the march in his home city of Barranquilla, all over Columbia and all over the world.

Oscar expected 50,000 people to turn up to his hometown, but 350,000 people had turned up! Worldwide 10,000,0000 people had marched against FARC. This was all organised within a month through Facebook Marketing. Even today, this group has over 641,000 members.

The president of Columbia had been working on breaking down FARC’s organisation for a long time, however, the demonstrations seemed to have a unique effect. Even before the marches had occurred FARC had released three hostages and they were all former Columbian congressman. Throughout 2008 many more hostages were released and rescued from the clutches of FARC.

“Facebook has the power to do wonderful things in society and in your business.”

Our Experience

  • Early Starter: We were a very early starter on Facebook, I personally joined Facebook in 2007 and it had only been around for a few years by then but not many people in Australia had picked it up yet. So it wasn’t long after that I became an online marketing consultant and that’s when I started offering services for Facebook Marketing. Like I said, at that point there weren’t as many Australians on it then as there is now and a whole lot of people didn’t really get it, they didn’t really understand it. So we set up some businesses pages and got them rolling. The rest is history.
  • Facebook Management: Facebook Management is the process of updating your Facebook Profile on a daily or multiple times per day basis. We use a mixture of messages and do things such as putting competitions online, write funny quotes and post funny pictures. The aim is to get engagement so that people are aware of your brand. This increase in branding leads to an increase in sales and loyalty.
  • Facebook Marketing: I’ve been doing this for about 6 years now and have seen a lot of changes. The platform has improved immensely over that time and now works better than ever to get you.
  • 10,000’s of Likes: The highest we have had a client get to is over 50,000 likes and we have had a number of clients over 10,000 likes as well as clients in all different kinds of ranges below that. The more likes the more free exposure you can get for your brand.

Types of Facebook Marketing

  • Desktop News Feed: Is an ad that actually shows up in your Facebook news feed. It sits there with all the other notifications from your friends and it’s the most clear way to see your Facebook ad.
  • Mobile News Feed: Is pretty much the same thing as on the desktop but it’s on a mobile device.
  • Right Hand Side: Often on the side of your feed you will see another bunch of ads.
  • Mobile Apps: This is basically advertising mobile apps.

These Facebook marketing methods are very clever stuff!

Different Facebook Campaigns:

  • Boost your posts: This is taking a post and promoting it to people who may like it, so you can get more engagement from people who may potentially like your product or service.
  • Promote your page: We can promote it to get you loads of likes! Loads of likes means greater brand awareness and brand loyalty.
  • Send people to your website: This is where you might want to send people to your website to read an article of yours or to come and buy something of yours.
  • Increase conversions on your website: This is similar to sending people to your website, but we are wanting to measure what the people are doing on there. This may be filling out an email signup, contacting you with a web form or buying something.
  • Get installs of your app: Getting people to download your app. Simple as that!
  • Raise attendance at your event: Promote your event. Facebook is particularly good at getting more people to come to your event.
  • Get people to claim your offer: You can promote an offer, such as 50% off your products.
  • Get video views: You can promote a video, if you want to inform people about something.
  • Custom audiences: This is where you get your data base and put it into Facebook and get Facebook to show ads to people who you might have already done business with.
  • Lookalike lists: This will take your custom audience and its technology to develop people who are similar to what you are already promoting.
  • Remarketing: is where you gather people who have been to your website and you show them the ads.

Some stats and benefits:

  • 16,000,000 active users in Australia alone
  • Highly Targeted Marketing
  • Create a custom list from your existing database
  • Target by location, age, gender, language, interests
  • Lookalike lists find more customers similar to yours
  • Target Behaviours such as mobile device users, online purchasers & Facebook admins
  • Choose a Budget that works for you
  • Users have an average number of 338 friends to share information with
  • 84% of all online Americans 18 – 29 and 45% of those over 65 use Facebook

If you would like some help promoting your business on Facebook, please fill out the form and we would love to chat with you.

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