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Case Study: Plumbing Company

Despite the fact that this Plumbing Company’s office manager was highly skilled in the art of Digital Marketing, the fact that her workload was continually increasing as the company expanded meant that she was unable to give the digital marketing campaign the attention it required. 

Case Study - Benefits of Digital MarketingThe company soon engaged TheOnlineCo. to help decrease the office manager’s workload and to expand and increase the digital marketing campaign. The company had previously engaged in Facebook, Facebook boosting and email campaigns. TheOnlineCo. was engaged to take over the management of these campaigns, working with the Office Manager to continue working on the established brand, bringing the campaign up to Best Practise. TheOnlineCo. also began implementing tried and proven tactics to increase brand awareness and viewership engagement. These steps included building PPC and LinkedIn campaigns and will soon expand to blog writing and an exciting new initiative – social photography and videography, which is designed deliberately for social media use. 

For $900 per month, the Plumbing Company now has 151 000 people viewing their Facebook page, amounting to 1.6 cents per view. Their page is seeing a constant increase in impressions and has been a useful tool in the recruitment of new staff as well as providing invaluable target market data and intelligence. This campaign is in its early days and TheOnlineCo. continues to build upon existing frameworks, building new strategies to widen the Company’s reach. 

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