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Case Study: Nationwide ASX listed company

Our client, a nationwide ASX listed company, had been working with a large digital agency for some time and felt they weren’t getting the necessary level of personalised attention and dedication to their accounts. When they realised that organic traffic for their website had been in decline for some time and that their social media presence needed to be refreshed and revitalized, they decided to engage us to review the existing SEO and Facebook strategies and to provide recommendations on methods to improve brand awareness, website traffic and engagement. 

Digital Marketing Campaign Goals for Nationwide ASX Listed Company

We implemented a 3-pronged Facebook PPC strategy to increase awareness and web traffic and grow to also their email database. This campaign took a Cold, Warm, Hot messaging funnel approach. By promoting the company’s pre-existing TVC, we utilised cold messaging to increase brand awareness to a broad potential audience. This has been viewed by hundreds of thousands of people whose awareness has now greatly increased. Our warm messaging consisted of regularly written high-quality and well-promoted articles and blogs, driving traffic to the company’s website, resulting in some of the best performing ads we’ve ever seen. Thirdly, leads were driven to their email database to enable a targeted quarterly email update to be sent. 

Comparison of Previous Marketing Agency with TheOnlineCo.These changes have seen a 25% increase in Facebook awareness and a 50% increase in engagement from users within the first 2 months. A new and comprehensive SEO strategy is being implemented from the ground up, starting with a robust Keyword Map, then implementing site-wide optimisations, including detailed structural recommendations based on best practice SEO.  

From Cold to Hot


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