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Case Study: Financial Advisors

Financial Advisory Digital Marketing Strategy

Despite their burgeoning business, this Financial Advisory company found themselves unable to bring in enough new clients each year, to maintain their prominent place in the market and retain visibility in the highly competitive Australian finance industry. The company had already built a website and had done some affiliate digital marketing with only minimal results.

Financial Advisory Marketing Campaign Reached 80,000 People

When James spoke at a Digital Innovation for Financial Advisors Conference in Sydney, the company’s director approached James about their digital marketing struggles. Soon after, TheOnlineCo. was engaged to recreate the company’s digital marketing strategy, from the ground up. Step one has seen TheOnlineCo. take on the management of the company’s social media posting and to promote videos the company had previously created.

Financial Advisory Marketing Campaign Audience Demographics Insights

This first stage brought the company’s message to 80 000 potential clients, with a spend of just $600 per month. Engagement continues to increase and although still in its early days, the campaign has provided invaluable insights into audience demographics, aiding in audience targeting. The next stage of this campaign will focus on driving leads and on continuing to build the company’s online audience and brand awareness. 


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