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Case Study: Corporate Not-For-Profit

Having previously dealt with large digital agencies, the Not-For-Profit had begun doing their digital marketing in-house. Feeling like they weren’t receiving the personalised attention and dedication their accounts required, the Not-For-Profit engaged James from TheOnlineCo. to review the existing SEO, AdWords and Facebook strategies and provide recommendations on how they could improve brand awareness, website traffic, and engagement.

TheOnlineCo. can review your SEO

TheOnlineCo. was then engaged to take on the SEO and Google AdWords management for the Not-For-Profit. TheOnlineCo. is also working on a web development project to build a tool which enables users to calculate their own packages, based on individual needs. These changes have seen a 25% increase in Facebook awareness and a 50% increase in engagement from users within the first 2 months.

Non-For-Profit Corporation SEO and Google Adwords campaigns saw large increase in conversions

A new and comprehensive SEO strategy is being implemented from the ground up, starting with a robust Keyword Map, then implementing site-wide optimisations, including detailed structural recommendations based on best practice SEO.  

Non-For-Profit Corporation Saving Money and Recieving Better Results with TheOnlineCo.

TheOnlineCo. is managing the Not-For-Profit’s comprehensive AdWords workflow to increase leads and lower costs. The campaign saw an increase of 114 conversions within its first month. In effect, the Charity is now paying less than it was paying previously and is seeing greater results. A range of further strategies are in the pipeline.


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